Heart-stopping to watch the suffocating “great war” scene between a cobra and a salamander


he cobra intended to “eat” the salamander with a bite to the neck, but things were not so easy.

The king cobra is one of the most ferocious and dangerous snakes. With dangerous venom, they are capable of poisoning the opponent’s nervous system, classified as extremely dangerous. Mostly active at night, but sometimes people still see them hanging out in the bush during the daytime.

During a trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa a few months ago, Helen Young accidentally witnessed a breathtaking fight between a king cobra and an iguana.

Heart-stopping watching the suffocating battle scene between a cobra and a salamander - 2
King cobra plans to turn salamanders into lunch

“When leaving the Shingwedzi camp and going down to the Letaba area, I saw a strange sight, so I was curious to see how it was. It turned out that it was a large king cobra trying to take down the salamander.” Helen said.

The moment of fighting between the two animals was recorded by Helen, and then shared on her personal page. This short video has attracted nearly 10 million views with many interesting comments.

Heart-stopping to watch the suffocating battle scene between a cobra and a salamander - 3
The salamander tried to escape many times but failed because the snake’s jaw was still attached to its neck

According to the image from the clip, initially, the king cobra took a bite of the salamander’s neck, with the intention of turning the opponent into his meal. But things are not as simple as expected, because salamanders do not seem to be afraid of snake venom because of their thick skin.

Heart-stopping to watch the suffocating battle scene between a cobra and a salamander - 4
Thanks to the thick skin, many people think that salamanders will not be harmed by snake venom

“It’s hard to believe but a few times the salamander was able to break free from the snake’s jaws to escape. But unfortunately, the king cobra caught it again and the two sides struggled for a few minutes,” Helen recalls.

Heart-stopping to watch the suffocating battle scene between a cobra and a salamander - 5
The iguana suddenly turned its body around, knocking the cobra to the side, causing the animal to be surprised and hurried to follow

After a while of resistance, the salamander seemed to die because it lay motionless. But then it suddenly got up with a twist and luckily escaped. The end of the video shows the salamander crawling quickly, while the cobra is still determined to follow the tail.


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