The fierce battle for survival between jackals and giant marabou storks

Both are experts at eating leftovers and carrion, but when confronted directly, both jackals and marabou storks are not easily defeated.

South Africa is a country with diverse and interesting natural vegetation. That’s why there are so many animal sanctuaries in this country. Among them, the Pilanesberg Wildlife National Reserve is a popular attraction because it is only a three-hour drive from South Africa’s largest city Johannesburg and its unique origins.

Unique in that, Pilanesberg is located in an ancient crater, formed about two million years ago.

Moreover, this nature reserve is also an ecologically rich transitional zone between the dry heat of the Kalahari Desert and the moist vegetation of the Lowveld, so the species of animals living here are very rich, with many different species. such as buffalo, elephant, tiger, leopard, rhinoceros, wild dogs, birds…


Besides, because the size of the Pilanesberg Conservation Area is not too large, visitors have many opportunities to capture moments and rare encounters that take place between wild animals.

Like the case of engineer Dian Swanepoel, he encountered a hunting battle between jackals and marabou storks.

Cuộc chiến sinh tồn khốc liệt giữa chó rừng và cò marabou khổng lồ | Tin nhanh chứng khoán
In order to increase the observation group as well as learn more about birds and carnivores, Swanepoel was led by the tour guide to the Kubu Dam, which has many rivers and lakes, is a familiar drinking place of the group. animals.


Arriving there, the engineer noticed the appearance of a jackal. It is a small, omnivorous, and scavenging carnivore relatively common in Africa.

However, a pair of baby elephants playing on the riverbank distracted him, forgetting about the jackal.

Suddenly, thanks to a friend’s reminder, Swanepoel was amazed to see the jackal change from resting to attacking and hunting in the blink of an eye.

After spotting a marabou stork drinking water carelessly in the lake, the jackal quickly approached and grabbed its neck.

Although the marabou stork has a larger body than a jackal, being attacked in the right place makes it very difficult to manage.

The marabou stork is the largest stork in Africa with a body length of about 1.4 m; wingspan of about 3 m; weight about 5 kg; about 1.5 m high.

In the same family of birds, the marabou stork is a scavenger. They often eat leftovers from large game animals such as lions, tigers, leopards…

The fierce battle for survival between jackals and giant marabou storks photo 1

It can be seen that the marabou stork is not an easily bullied animal. But perhaps it was too surprised when it was ambushed that it had to become a meal for the jackal.


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