Crocodile died tragically before the sharp teeth of the king of the jungle


Due to not sharing the same habitat, there are rarely clashes between these two ferocious carnivores.

Crocodiles are large reptiles, usually living in areas of water where there is a slow flow. They include many different types and are widely distributed in tropical areas of Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania.

In terms of taste, crocodiles are not too picky, their menu is diverse, from antelope, zebra, herbivores to other fish, even hippos if they can afford it.

Crocodiles are very agile at short distances, combined with their extremely powerful jaws and sharp teeth, they are extremely effective predators, especially the Nile crocodile, one of biggest and most dangerous.

Hungry to eat, the tiger striped down the mountain, determined to make the giant crocodile - Photo 1.

The tiger is an animal that rarely goes into the water, although it is a very good swimmer, its main habitat is in forests and grasslands. On land it is the third largest animal after white and brown bears among carnivores.


There is no need to argue about their hunting ability anymore. With a large body but still flexible enough, plus sharp teeth and powerful snaps, tigers hunt quite effectively against medium-sized prey such as deer, wild boar.

Hungry to eat, the striped tiger lowered the mountain, determined to make the giant crocodile - Photo 2.

They differ so much in their habitats and hunting grounds, but we still capture a fiery encounter between them and that’s the story that happened in the vast Ranthambore and Sariska National Park in Rajasthan.

Although they are both great predators, when facing each other, this is not an equal battle. It seems that the tiger in the clip is too superior and it is not too difficult for it to have a quality meal even though the crocodile is quite large, reaching more than 4.2m long.


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