Close-up of the cutest Honduras white bat in the world


This unique white bat is known as one of the cutest animals in the world thanks to its strange, cute appearance.

This unique white bat species is also known as Honduras white bat , scientific name is Ectophylla alba , is also the only representative in the genus Ectophylla, has a striking appearance with white cilia, small body with dimension. length only from 3.7cm – 4.7cm. (According to Dodo).

Honduran white bat | Tedsby
Inhabiting the rainforests of northern Nicaragua, eastern Costa Rica, western Panama, and eastern Honduras, the lovely white bats feed mainly on the trunks and canopy of large trees, especially banana trees. (According to Dodo).

Live in groups, usually about 6 to 10 individuals, with large herds up to 12 individuals. The main food of the beautiful little white bat is fruit and some plants. (According to Dodo).

In the flock, the larger bats will be responsible for protecting the smaller bats, they will bite the leaves to curl around the small bats, protecting the whole flock from rain and sun and natural enemies. (According to Speakupforthevoiceless).


White bats rarely fly, even at night, because their striking appearance makes them easy targets for ferocious predators. (According to Battime).

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These Honduran white bats only spread their wings when sensing danger, an enemy is attacking. (According to Speakupforthevoiceless).

The white bats hiding in the large banana leaf boat look like super cute little pigs. (According to Dodo).

The white feathers next to the other parts of the body are bright yellow, which makes the Honduran white bats look very funny, (According to Nubbsgalore).

Mơ thấy dơi đánh con gì? Là điềm gì? Con dơi là số mấy?
Not only has a lovely appearance, the Honduran white bat also has a gentle nature, worthy of being the cutest bat in the world. (According to Anttonalberdi).


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