The high cost of Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift: More than $8M spent on planes, gifts, a new home & more


Travis Kelce is in his splurge era.

Over the weekend, the NFL tight end and his superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift, were spotted at the ultra-exclusive Bird Streets Club in West Hollywood where, a source told The Post, members such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothée Chalamet pay $10,000 a year.

The two seem to be playing it low-key while she takes a break from her world tour and he chills out after his Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. But Kelce’s wall could probably use a rest as well. One expert told The Post that his trip to see Swift in Singapore on March 8 could have cost nearly $570,000— and it’s just one of three far-flung private jet journey’s Kelce has taken, sometimes for just 14 hours, to catch up with her since their relationship went public last September.

“Travis Kelce always comes to play — not just on the field, but in his everyday romance with Taylor Swift — sparing no expense,” pop culture lifestyle expert Valerie Greenberg told The Post. “He isn’t afraid to open his heart and his wallet.”

Indeed, with three Super Bowls under his belt, Kelce, 34, is in the third year of a four-year contract worth $57.25 million — making him the fourth-highest-paid tight end in the NFL, according to USA Today.


Swift and Kelce took their relationship public last September. And the fourth highest paid NFL athlete isn’t putting a price tag on love, fans say. “Travis Kelce always comes to play — not just on the field, but in his everyday romance with Taylor Swift — sparing no expense,” pop culture lifestyle expert Valerie Greenberg told The Post.GC Images
Travis Kelce kissing Taylor Swift on the football field.
Ever since Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift went public with their relationship last September, the three-time Super Bowl champion has spared no expense on his romance with the billionaire superstar.AP
Travis Kelce celebrates with Taylor Swift after Chiefs' AFC Championship win vs Ravens - Rob Carr/Getty Images.
Kelce may be shelling out more than half of his annual salary to court Swift –that’s as much as $8,232,229 The Post estimates.Getty Images

But he may be shelling out more than half of his annual $14+ million salary — as much as $8,232,229 million by The Post’s estimate — while dating a billionaire.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of winning Taylor Swift’s love.

Real Estate: $6 million

Insiders dished last year that, after hooking up with Swift, Kelce felt “self-conscious” about his, uh, humble seven-bedroom abode — purchased for $995,000 in 2019 — in Kansas City’s Briarcliff West neighborhood.

So he upgraded to a larger, flashier pad that also offers more privacy from paparazzi. In October, Kelce threw down $6 million for a 17,000-square-feet mansion, hidden behind a gate, in the Kansas City suburb of Leawood.

“Leawood is one of the top 50 wealthiest towns in the US. It’s an upscale, private neighborhood … You have a lot of privacy and security compared to where he was before,” Corcoran real estate agent Amanda Baum told The Post.

Aerial view of a large house surrounded by trees in the Kansas City suburb of Leawood, purchased by Travis Kelce for $6 million.
In October, Kelce threw down $6 million for a 17,000-square-feet mansion, hidden behind a gate, in the Kansas City suburb of Leawood.Google Earth
Travis Kelce standing on a stage holding a microphone while performing during Taylor Swift 'The Eras Tour' in Sydney, Australia.
Insiders dished last year that, after hooking up with Swift, the NFL tight-end felt “self conscious” about his $995,000 seven-bedroom abode.James Gourley/Shutterstock

She added of the home, which is said to feature a sprawling pool, tennis court and mini golf course: “It’s a trophy property fit for a three-time Super Bowl Champion.”

Private Jet Excursions: $1,210,000

In November, Kelce flew private on a Friday to see Swift perform in Argentina — and flew back in time for a Monday practice, Page Six reported. That kind of trip costs around $300,000, Michael Giordano, partner and aviation specialist at Cirrus Aviation Services confirmed.

“There are a number of variable costs … but around $300,000 would be the approximate charge to charter a 10-seat private jet to fly from the US to an international destination round trip,” Richard Levy, a Dallas-based aviation expert and consultant who previously worked as a captain for a major US international airline, told The Post.

Private plane.
Aviation experts estimate Kelce’s roundtrip international excursions to Argentina, Australia and Singapore to see Swift cost around $1,210,000.AFP via Getty Images

Days after his Super Bowl win, Kelce reportedly flew from LA to Hawaii, then touched down in Sydney, Australia, on Feb. 21 to join Swift during a tour stop at Accor Stadium. Estimated cost: $340,000 for a 10-seat jet, Giordano confirmed.

On March 7, Kelce arrived in Singapore to catch Swift’s tour — flying out of his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, with a group of pals. The 19-hour excursion, plus a refueling stop in Dubai, would likely cost around $570,000 for a 10-seat plane, according to estimates confirmed by Giordano. Though it’s possible that Swift gave him a seat on her own jet for some of the international legs.

Gifts: More than $22K so far

A white box filled with 250-255 eternity roses from Venus et Fleur, arranged on a table.
A $2,199 Venus et Fleur Round Grandiose arrangement of Eternity Roses was said to be among Taylor Swift’s Valentine’s Day gifts.Venus Et Fleur
A rose sculpture with petals in shades of pink and purple, placed on a type of structure resembling a vase, sitting on a table.
Kelce also splurged on a 24-karat gold rose sculpture from luxury design company Perigold that runs $3,020.DAUM
Black Dior Arty Beret with Bow, made of technical cotton and with a wrinkled effect.
Kelce gave Swift a $1,050 black lambskin Dior beret like the one pictured here.Dior

Kelce spared no expense on Valentine’s Day after Swift jetted more than 5,000 miles from Japan to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl on Feb. 11.

Lana Del Rey, Ice Spice, Taylor Swift, and Blake Lively attend the Super Bowl LVIII Pregame at Allegiant Stadium
Kelce paid a reported $1 million for a Super Bowl suite for Swift, both of their families and the singer’s friends including Ice Spice and Blake Lively.Getty Images for Roc Nation

The athlete reportedly showed his love with a $2,199 Venus et Fleur Round Grandiose arrangement of Eternity Roses — said to last up to a year — as well as a second floral arrangement costing $2,100, and a 24-karat gold rose sculpture from luxury design company Perigold that runs $3,020.

Plus, the Sun reported, he gifted the “Love Story” singer a $1,050 black lambskin Dior beret, a $5,100 Bottega Veneta bag, a straw Celine hate costing $1,100 and a Hermès Chevaux Dechaines scarf that goes for $1,300.

He also snapped up a pair of matching bracelets with the initials “TNT” spelled out in yellow gold beads encrusted with pave diamonds in February. Kelce purchased the $6,360 baubles from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, jewelers Wove Made Inc., which turned around the custom style in three days for the athlete, People reported.

A square silk and cashmere shawl with a pattern of horses in chine grey, denim blue and menthol. Hand-rolled edges. Made in France.
The $1,300 Hermès Chevaux Dechaines scarf Kelce is said to have gifted Swift for Valentine’s Day.Hermes
Diamond bracelets with gold circles reading T, N, T in diamond, plus a gold chain bracelet with a diamond heart pendant, all on a flat surface
The couple’s custom TNT bracelets were snapped up for $6,360.Wove Made Inc
A green and gold Bottega Veneta top handle bag made of woven Italian leather with a sliding clasp.
Among the gifts Kelce reportedly has given Swift is a Bottega Veneta bag that costs $5,100.Bottega Veneta

Super Bowl suite: $1 million

Swift watched the Super Bowl in style thanks to Kelce, who reportedly dropped $1 million on a suite for the singer; her parents, Andrea and Scott; her brother and his girlfriend; pals including Ice Spice and Blake Lively; as well as Kelce’s parents and his brother Jason and sister-in-law Kylie, according to a report.

At the time, Kelce said on his podcast that he was “counting how much money I’m spending on this damn Super Bowl for family and friends to come. Just making sure I’m on top of those finances and losing all this money.”


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