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After more than two weeks of release, Taylor Swift’s album “Midnights” is still showing undeniable charm when it has topped the Billboard 200 chart for the second consecutive week. It is thanks to a very clever communication plan. Because of Taylor’s name effect, this album was so successful beyond imagination?


There is no greatest success, only more success

At the end of 2021, after Adele’s album “30” was released with 839,000 units, the European and American music industry no longer hoped for any album to reach the million mark in the first week. However, when the “Country Princess” returned to the pop music field with an “earthquake” called “Midnights”, not only the number of million copies in the first week but a series of records large and small were lost in turn. attack”.

Debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 with 1.578 million units, “Midnights” is the best-performing album in the past five years, since Taylor Swift’s own “reputation” (1.238 million copies) in 2017. Thanks to that, Taylor became the only artist in history to have 5 debut albums with more than 1 million copies in the first week. “Midnights” is also the highest-selling first-week album of all time by an American female artist, surpassing the 20-year record of “Oops!… I Did It Again” (1.32 million copies). In particular, with 575,000 copies, “Midnights” is the album that sells the most vinyl records in the first week in the history of Nielsen statistics, 3 times more than Harry Styles’ previous record with “Harry’s House” (182,000 copies). Even this album only needs one day of opening sale (800,000 copies) to become the album with the highest net sales in 2022, surpassing the cumulative year of “Harry’s House” (615,000 copies).


And it is worth noting here that, not only possessing a “huge” net sale, but “Midnights” also continuously broke a series of streaming records within just a few days of its release. On Spotify, with 184.7 million streams, “Midnights” has far surpassed the record for the highest number of first-day streams in history, previously held by Drake with “Certified Lover Boy” (154.9 million streams).

The album ended its first week with 776.4 million streams, an all-time high, surpassing Bad Bunny’s record with “Un Verano Sin Ti” (618 million streams). Not only on Spotify but on the day “Midnights” was released, Taylor Swift led the stream and broke first-day records on both other major streaming platforms, Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music. The success of the album “Midnights” marked the fact that, for the first time since the era of streaming began,



The “unprecedented” success of the album “Midnights” is also reflected in the continuing heat of the lead single “Anti-Hero”. The song debuted with 17.4 million streams, setting the record for the song with the highest debut stream in Spotify history, and continues to lead Spotify’s global stream for the 17th day. the social media platform of the lead single as well as other songs on the album such as “Lavender Haze”, “Midnight Rain”, “Karma”,… the vocalist “Shake It Off” made history when, for the first time, the entire top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart was “acquired” by an artist.

After the global “boom” of the album “1989”, perhaps even her fans “Snake God” did not dare to believe that she could once again make the music industry so “disturbed”. But in the end, where did the success of this 10th studio album come from?

Is it really an excellent album, or is it all just a media trick to “manipulate” public psychology?

Behind the success of a “million-selling” album…

The reason for the incredible success of “Midnights”, certainly first, is the media plan that has been meticulously and cleverly outlined by Taylor Swift and her team. “Country music princess” has announced that it will release the 10th album on the night of the VMAs 2022, in order to make the most of the spotlight as well as create the strongest media effects for the new album.

Next, Taylor Swift was extremely “trendy” when using hot social networking platforms such as TikTok, Instagram to spread “hints” about the album, as well as maintain interaction and create constant excitement for the album. with fan. And the culmination of a mind with a unique marketing mindset, it was Taylor’s “1-0-2” disc campaign: releasing 5 different cover versions for both CD and vinyl, in which, 4 versions of the cover can be assembled into a complete watch. This has made Taylor fans in particular, and the community of passionate music collectors in general, not hesitate to spend a large amount of money to own this extremely unique “watch”. In addition, to increase coverage before the album’s release, Taylor Swift has partnered with Spotify to run ads for lyrics from the album in many major cities around the world.



Second, “Midnights” certainly wouldn’t have been so successful without Swifties – Taylor Swift’s extremely “powerful” fandom force. USUK’s artist fan culture over the past few years has not been as passionate as it was when the popular boyband One Direction had not disbanded, or when teenage girls were crazy about Justin Bieber in their 18s and 20s. But with Taylor Swift, the love and support of her fans has never waned from the early years of her career until now. Constantly innovating music, changing her image from sweet and gentle to sharp personality, even when facing the biggest scandal of her career, … no matter what Taylor does, Swifties always support and protect her. me. Taylor Swift’s fandom is definitely the ideal fandom model that every artist desires: large, powerful,



Last but not least, the success of “Midnights” has to do with the quality of the music. This album isn’t as perfect as ‘1989’, nor is it a melodic breakthrough like ‘folklore’, but it’s certainly the most narrative album Taylor Swift has ever made. With “Midnights”, Taylor did not intend to create anything new, but instead, she sought to reflect and reflect on all the emotions she has experienced.

Twenty songs in the album, are twenty footages of sleepless, tossing, restless nights. Have you ever stayed up all night wondering about who you are now, and then regretting the things we gave up on the journey to adulthood? Have you ever been immersed in a simple love that is so infatuated with people that you can’t sleep? Have you ever felt that you are inferior, an outsider, or “paranoid” about the silly things that will happen during the white sleepless nights?… Because we all once did not sleep all night, to torment, to regret, to think about “what if” things,… so “Midnights” has such an irresistible attraction. That multi-talented artist is telling her life story, but she is like a mirror that reflects the hearts of countless people. After the media tricks, the records, the gossip,


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