His hilarious moments as he transforms into comedic characters.


In addition to the action film segment with muscular images, actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson many times transformed into humorous characters.

The audience remembers Dwayne Johnson mostly as the muscular images in the bloody action movies. However, thanks to his diverse expressive face, he has the opportunity to appear in many comedies. This frown phase is the signature expression of The Rock from his time as a wrestler.

In the comedy  Be Cool  (2005), The Rock plays a gay bodyguard who is constantly teased by Harvey Keitel and Vince Vaughn’s characters because of his gender identity. At the end of the movie, this guy became a famous actor and got his first role alongside… Nicole Kidman.

In  The Game Plan  (2007), Dwayne Johnson plays a reluctant rugby player who lives with his daughter “falling from the sky”, causing many funny situations.

The girl’s disruptive displays made the reluctant father extremely mad.

When watching  Tooth Fairy (2010), viewers couldn’t help but laugh when they saw the

Fast & Furious  actor   transform into a gentle tooth fairy and at times cried.

In  Tooth Fairy , Dwayne Johnson’s character is an aggressive rugby player who doesn’t believe in fairy tales. After once stealing a dollar given to his stepdaughter by his lover according to custom when he lost his first tooth, he was transformed into a tooth fairy and challenged to do good deeds for two weeks.

The Other Guys  is a parody of the police genre that Dwayne participated in. Inspector Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) is a light-hearted man, and his partner Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) is a quick-tempered, greedy man.

In addition to Terry, all employees in the department idolize two investigators, Chris Danson (Dwayne Johnson) and PK Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson). However, during the chase, Danson and Highsmith miscalculated the size and… fell dead after a jump.

This detail surprised all viewers because The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson are two big stars, but the filmmakers have strongly let them go in a way… extremely silly. Since then, two characters of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have led the investigation mission.

In the work released on June 17 Central Intelligence ,  The Rock combines comedic performances with signature muscle shows. The film opens with the 18-year-old’s fat The Rock’s character being bullied by his classmates to get naked in front of the whole school. Calvin (Kevin Hart) was a star in high school and saved his unlucky friend.

Central Intelligence  is the movie that The Rock has performed the most comedy ever. With his charming acting and playful way of talking, he created many situations to make the audience laugh. The actor even surpassed comedian Kevin Hart in terms of laughs.

At the age of 44, Dwayne Johnson established the image of a multi-talented actor who can perform both comedy and action. With the participation in many hit movies like  Fast & Furious 7  or  Aquaman , the actor’s career is expected to flourish further in the near future.


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