4 eating secrets to help the “action movie god” stay in shape even though he’s U70


Tom Cruise is probably a name that is no longer a stranger to world cinema fans. Although he has passed the age of 60, the actor’s acting career still shows no signs of slowing down or being affected. Even with the return with the latest movie, he has increased in popularity and is more enthusiastically welcomed by the press than before.

Accordingly, Tom Cruise is an extremely famous American actor and director with many impressive films. The actor resonated with the movie series Mission Impossible in 1995. In terms of work, he always showed respect for his acting career and tried his best for the role, loved by his colleagues.

4 eating secrets to help "action movie god" Tom Cruise stay in shape even though he's U70 - Photo 1.

Tom Cruise is a talented actor of Hollywood cinema.

Thus, it can be seen that Tom Cruise is a talented actor of Hollywood cinema. He conquered the audience with passionate roles, along with good-looking and romantic beauty that made many people fall in love. What is the secret behind that timeless beauty, why is Tom still healthy and in shape despite being over 60 years old?

According to Mia Salas – a nutritionist at Princeton University (UK), even though he is U70, Tom Cruise still has a romantic ceiling for a reason. In many interviews with the press, the actor has shared around his diet, specifically the 4 secrets that he always adheres to when eating.

4 eating secrets to help "action movie god" Tom Cruise stay in shape despite being U70 - Photo 2.

U70, but Tom Cruise is still in shape thanks to the secrets of eating.

4 tips when eating to help Tom Cruise stay in shape even though U70

1. Food processing in the form of boiling, steaming

In an interview with Men’s Health, Tom Cruise said that he always prepares dishes in the form of boiling and steaming, or pan-frying at low heat to just cook. He never eats dishes cooked at high temperatures because they cause chronic cell inflammation and accelerate aging.

“Fried foods, grilled on high heat will cause most of the nutrition to be lost due to heat. Eating is not only useless, but also creates an inflammatory response in the body, increasing the risk of disease and disease. Premature aging. More dangerous is that inflammation can damage DNA and cells leading to cancer “  – Tom said.

Expert Mia Salas advises everyone to learn from Tom, although fried foods are delicious, but in the long run, they are harmful to health.

4 eating secrets to help "action movie god" Tom Cruise stay in shape despite being U70 - Photo 3.

Tom Cruise from a young age limited fried dishes, ate a lot of boiled and steamed dishes.

2. Limit starchy foods

Tom Cruise joked that he swore never to eat starch, whenever he craves too much, he “breaks the rules” a bit. However, the reason behind the actor cutting carbs is to keep fit for the role, as well as to protect his overall health. Eating a lot of starch is the culprit causing weight gain and creating many diseases in old age.

According to Paul Clayton, PhD and nutritional scientist at the health site  Eatthis , starchy foods can speed up the aging process by creating insulin, which disrupts the body’s metabolism leading to weight gain. Too much insulin in the blood also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Doctors in the US advise people to eat less of foods with a high glycemic index, such as cookies, bagels, pasta, etc. However, you should not cut them completely because they also have some benefits. For its own benefit, just eating in moderation and exercising is not harmful.

4 eating tips to help "action movie god" Tom Cruise stay in shape even though he's U70 - Photo 4.

One serving, shared by Tom Cruise, is virtually starch-free.

3. Choose healthy snacks

With a busy work schedule, of course Tom Cruise has to eat snacks often to replenish energy when it’s not time to eat. However, the actor always chooses healthy snacks, such as almonds, nuts and dried fruits… to reduce hunger and good health.

Tom Cruise said that these snacks do not cause fat but also contain many vitamins and minerals. For example, he always eats dried blueberries, which are rich in collagen and antioxidants that help keep the skin plump. Tom also likes to eat peanut butter with dates because they are rich in energy but do not cause fat accumulation.

4 eating tips to help "action movie god" Tom Cruise stay in shape even though he's U70 - Photo 5.

To fight hunger while filming without fear of obesity, Tom always chooses nuts to snack on.

4. Limit foods high in sugar

According to experts, sugar is even more harmful than fat because it causes many dangerous diseases for health such as obesity, heart disease, impaired immune system, diabetes… They also accelerate aging. by causing inflammation and damage to collagen and elastin. Eating too much sugar can make your skin look older and wrinkled.

Tom Cruise shared, he himself is very limited in sugar because of the nature of the job that requires a lot of looks. However, he did not abstain completely, because there were times when he wanted to eat too much. Tom advises people to eat less sweets to ensure health, but also do not cut back completely because it will cause stress if the body is not responsive.


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