The hot beauty of the girlfriend who once passed the “girl killer” hand


In recent days, the movie “John Wick 3” caused a storm on the Vietnamese big screen. Premiering from May 17, until now, “John Wick 3” is still hot, attracting a large audience to theaters. In addition to the commendable content, realistic and attractive action scenes, there is also an element that impresses the audience, which is the actor who takes on the role of John Wick – Keanu Reeves.

Not a strange name to Vietnamese audiences, the actor born in 1964 made an impression through the series “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, “The Matrix”, “Speed”, “Constantine”, “John Wick” “… Possessing a handsome, stylish look, the Canadian actor is a famous “girl killer” in the entertainment industry. He has a long list of beauties who have been girlfriends, all beautiful, hot.

Winona Ryder:  Earlier this year, Keanu Reeves shared memories of a “rare marriage” with co-star Winona Ryder – his one-time lover. Winona Ryder – who used to make a lot of press about the love story between her and Johnny Depp – also has a special relationship with Keanu Reeves. The two became friends after meeting at an event in 1988, and four years later they both accepted to participate in a movie called “Dracula”.

On the set of “Dracula”, Reeves and Ryder had a wedding scene.

To get the most realistic footage, director Francis Ford Coppola invited a Romanian priest to preside over the wedding scene. Even though it was just a movie, the priest still completed all the formalities according to Catholic rites and accidentally collaborated with the young star couple Reeves – Ryder to become a real couple. Actor Keanu Reeves shared this story on The Talk and Winona Ryder shared it on Entertainment Weekly earlier this year.

Cameron Diaz:  The two used to be a couple in the work “Feeling Minesota” in 1996. Because they were so beautiful in the movie, many viewers expressed their desire for the two to “fake real love”. In 2009, news that they were dating surfaced when the two were spotted having a private dinner at a restaurant in Los Angeles. However, this relationship only lasted about a year.

Charlize Theron:  Keanu Reeves was caught by a reporter kissing actress Charlize Theron between 2009-2010. However, the two later denied the dating rumors, claiming that the two were just friends. The two became closer after collaborating on “The Devil’s Advocate” (1997) and “Sweet November” (2001).

Sandra Bullock:  Another hot female star caught in the case of a “real fake movie” with Keanu Reeves.

The two met on the set of “Speed” (1994).

“Assassin John Wick” admits he once had a crush on his beautiful co-star while filming “Speed” but had to keep his feelings private to ensure work. The two continued to reunite in the movie “The Lake House” in 2005.

China Chow:  In 2008, images of China Chow and Keanu Reeves hugging and playing intimately while on vacation in France spread everywhere, causing rumors of two lovers to arise. However, neither of them spoke out about this relationship. They both kept silent when asked about each other.

Hallie Meyers-Shyer: là nhà văn, diễn viên và đạo diễn người Mỹ. Cánh săn ảnh đã chụp được hình ảnh Reeves hôn bạn gái say đắm trước cửa nhà. Không chỉ thành công trong sự nghiệp, nữ đạo diễn 32 tuổi còn rất xinh đẹp và sở hữu thân hình nóng bỏng không thua kém minh tinh nào.

Lynn Collins: Có tin đồn cho rằng Keanu Reeves đã phải lòng Lynn Collins trên phim trường The Lake House vào năm 2005. Hai người được cho là đã hẹn hò trong 3 tháng trước khi anh chia tay cô để theo đuổi đàn chị Diane Keaton.

Diane Keaton: Năm 2005, Keanu Reeves tiếp tục vướng tin đồn tình ái với Diane Keaton – nữ minh tinh từng thắng giải Oscar và hơn nam diễn viên tới 19 tuổi. Hai người gặp gỡ trong tác phẩm “Something’s Gotta Give” (2003). Một số trang đưa tin của Mỹ viết rằng Reeves chia tay cô để chạy theo Keaton, người đã gần 60 tuổi.

Jennifer Syme:  In 1998, Keanu Reeves fell in love with the beautiful Jennifer Syme. The couple loved each other passionately and were extremely happy when they received the news that Jennifer was pregnant with their first daughter a year later. However, the unborn child was stillborn in the womb, leaving Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme extremely distressed. The child’s death caused a huge void in Keanu and Jennifer’s relationship, and soon the couple broke up but remained in touch as two close friends.


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