Controversial creature: causing many people to panic when witnessing


If I had to pick out an extremely ugly and cute animal, this is it.”

One of the best aspects of the Internet (is that we can sit at home every day and still see all kinds of strange things in the world. In addition to being unique, rare and hard to find.

Controversial creature MXH: People who compliment it are cute like a little hippo, who are afraid of going crazy because of their hairless body - Photo 1.

Lovely eyes…

At first, many people thought that the pet association had worked hard to trim the fur of these guinea pigs. But no, it is very difficult to shave without “flying” its skin, so this perfect “product” can only be created by genes.

It is called Skinny Pig , Vietnamese name is Skinny Pig or Skinny Pig . Many documents say that the Thin Pig breed appeared around 1978, carrying a mutant gene caused by crossing a laboratory mouse with a hairy guinea pig.

… on the black body makes some of you a little scared because it looks like a mouse

In 1982, the lean pigs were bred by Charles River Laboratories (specializing in health) to serve dermatological research.

Due to the result of crossbreeding, the thin pig breed also has different psychophysiological characteristics from the F1 generation. Most notably, they are skinny pigs but have to eat more than normal guinea pigs to maintain body temperature.


Although it is a relatively new breed of guinea pig, the skinny pig since the 1990s has been brought home by many people who like strange pets in Canada, Russia, other European countries…

Love to explore, love to explore

Recently, for some reason, the skinny pig has become popular on the Reddit community, becoming a hot topic of discussion with both praise and criticism. Some comments like:

–  This skinny pig is like a hairless hippo. Are they related to each other?

–  It’s awful!!

– Scary is no different from newborn rats.

– When I was a child, I used to raise a child, it was useless to run and pant.

– I thought there was nothing both cute and scary at the same time, but here it is!

– I work at a pet store, and have to take care of those guinea pigs. They still have to brush and moisturize them. But with this skinny Pig, it’s better.

– It’s definitely a miniature hippo with a “boozy” sound.

Controversial creatures MXH: People who compliment her are cute like a little hippo, who are afraid of going crazy because of their hairless body - Photo 4.

“You’re so naive you don’t know anything”

Controversial creature MXH: People who compliment her are cute like a little hippo, who are afraid to go crazy because of their hairless body - Photo 5.

“Look into these eyes and don’t be afraid of me”


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