Revealing the story of Jolie’s ‘real love movie’ with her first husband



The real fake love story between Angelina Jolie and the actress’s first husband has now been revealed.

The veteran British entertainment editor – Garth Pearce – has just shared about interviews with Hollywood A-listers since they were toddlers. Of these, the most impressive is probably the revelation regarding Angelina Jolie and the movie that brought her to her first husband – Jonny Lee Miller. Many netizens couldn’t help but be surprised by the way this guy fell at Angie’s feet similar to Brad Pitt 10 years later.

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Salt beauty interview took place 2 weeks after she married Jonny Lee Miller. At that time, Angelina Jolie was only 20 years old and had just completed her first leading role in the movie Hackers . She met her husband on the set in 1995 and the two quickly “fake movies for real”.

Especially in this movie, Angelina Joline has a hot scene and with her rebellious nature, she confidently takes off her shirt, showing her body beauty in front of the camera. The actress happily recounted: “The scene where I went to bed with Jonny Lee Miller’s character in Hackers was later cut out. At that time, everyone in the filming crew was looking at my chest.”


The scene of the female star makes the film crew embarrassed

“My bust is a size D. The problem is that when I was ready to film with my bare breasts, the male staff started to feel shy and confused. They had to try to turn their face away because they didn’t want to keep staring. stare at it”.


Angelina Jolie’s fiery charm can really bring down any man and young Jonny Lee Miller is no exception. The two fell in love while filming and stayed at the same hotel in Los Angeles. However, they all agreed to keep their feelings hidden so as not to affect the filming.

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We didn’t think this love would go far after filming ended. However, a few months later, Jonny came to Los Angeles, he called me and everything happened very quickly. We decided to get married in March. 1996. Even when I went to my wedding, I just wore black leather pants ,” Jolie recalls. Unfortunately, this short marriage only lasted 18 months and the two quickly parted ways.

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Angelina’s above revelation reminded the audience of the steamy behind-the-scenes story when she was filming with Brad Pitt, even though he was married to Jennifer Aniston at that time. A person close to the Maleficent star revealed that Angelina Jolie deliberately seduced Brad when the two were filming hot scenes together in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

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When she met Brad Pitt 10 years later, Angelina used the “old trick” to flirt with him again

“Angelina developed a special seduction skill with Brad – taking off her skin-colored underwear during a love scene.” The source also said bluntly: “In the end she was almost in bed naked with him. And that’s all people remember that movie until now!”.

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Even Angelina Jolie’s former bodyguard Mark Behar confirmed that Jolie and Pitt had developed feelings from the very first days on set. “I wasn’t surprised when the two got married after that movie. I’ve seen them often have intimate gestures and eye contact when filming together.”


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