He’s back in the “Bill & Ted” series, playing a sassy guy on a journey to write great songs to save the world.


Keanu Reeves plays saving the world with music

On June 9, the trailer for the third part of the series titled Bill & Ted Face The Music  was released on Youtube . The film continues the story of two main characters – Bill Preston (Alex Winter) and Ted Logan ( Keanu Reeves ) – with a mission to compose a song that unites the world.

Bill & Ted's Alex Winter shares the prep he and Keanu Reeves did for Face the Music - CNET






In the trailer, after 25 years, Ted and Bill have not yet composed the song “for a lifetime”, as a theoretical basis for future people to build an ideal world where everyone can live peacefully. The two are already middle-aged but still keep their naive, carefree personality like in high school. They come up with a plan to use the time machine in the future to “steal” their own songs to save them the trouble of composing.


The fantasy comedy franchise began in 1989 with the first two films being successful at the box office. The series revolves around the story of two high school students Bill and Ted living in California in 1988. The two later formed the band Wyld Stallyns. They have a universally popular song, worshiped by the people of the future like a bible.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves (right) in the first Bill & Ted. Photo: Empire.







In the first part, Ted and Bill are helped by a person from the future Rush (the late actor George Carlin) to pass history. If they fail, the two have to give up their musical dreams because Ted’s father will force him to attend military school.

What's on TV Thursday: 'Bill & Ted' and 'An Easy Girl' - The New York Times







Part two, released in 1991, a future villain sends two robots that look like Ted and Bill to the past to kill them in order to change history. In spirit form, they undergo trials in hell, heaven before reincarnating as humans and stopping the evil plan.

Back in March, Keanu Reeves revealed that the third part is scheduled to be released on August 21. However, the film crew has not made an announcement since production activities were halted because of the epidemic.


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