He, as a cheating husband, endures torture in ‘Knock Knock’


The “Matrix” star plays many “hot” scenes in the low-budget thriller of the director specializing in making shocking films – Eli Roth.

In the autumn film season, many horror works, suitable for Halloween atmosphere are released. This year, Knock, Knock is considered one of the most awaited independent films with the participation of Keanu Reaves and directed by Eli Roth. Lorenz Izzo – wife of director Eli Roth – plays one of the two girls who rape Keanu Reaves’ character.





The main character of Knock, Knock is Evan Webber (played by Keanu Reaves), a successful architect, happily married with a beautiful wife and two lovely children. When his wife and children are away for the weekend, he is alone at home. On a rainy night, two strange, beautiful girls (played by Lorenz Izzo and Ana de Armas) knock on the door asking for help. Taking advantage of Evan’s kindness, the two girls try to seduce and rape him. When he wakes up after a tiring night, his life turns into a nightmare when two beautiful girls reveal their true faces as two sick people.


Keanu Reeves, as a Cheating Husband, Endures a Comeuppance in 'Knock Knock'  - The New York Times







In the newly introduced trailer, the audience better understand the character Evan Webber, from the happy beginnings with his family to the time he was trapped by two girls and when he was subjected to a dangerous chase scene. Keanu Reaves presents a very different image, especially in the scenes that show fear. In the past, he used to play brave hero roles.


Knock, Knock is a low budget movie. Production cost is estimated at only three million USD. After browsing in the US, the film is rated R (Not suitable for audiences under 17 years old) because of many hot and violent scenes.





Inspired by the horror film of director Peter S. Traynor – Death Game (1977),  Knock, Knock is the latest horror work from Eli Roth – a director famous for his sensational, creepy movie style. , gore, sadism, torture. The film was written by Eli Roth, José Nicolás Lopez García and Guillermo Amoedo. Besides Knock, Knock , director Eli Roth also released another movie with the same theme, The Green Inferno in September. Previously, Eli Roth was famous for two horror films, Hostel and Cabin Fever .

Last year, Keanu Reeves reunited audiences in the movie John Wick . The producer planned to produce John Wick 2 and the Matrix movie actor still took on the lead role. Currently, Keanu Reeves is busy with many film projects such as The Neon Demon, The Bad Batch, The Panopticon, Bill & Ted 3…


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