Vin Diesel beamed with handprints, showing off his lover and small child


Recently, the actor and his small family attended an interesting event in Hollywood to promote the movie  Fast & Furious 7 .

Vin Diesel  and his longtime girlfriend  Paloma Jimenez  posed for a photo together at his handprint event held at the  TCL Chinese Theater  on Wednesday, April 1 in  Hollywood.  The actor also brought his lovely children including:  6-year-old Hania  and  4-year-old Vincent  to attend the ceremony.

 The actor appeared with his lover and children


The actor appeared with his lover and children

This is an event to promote his new blockbuster,  Vin  has his hand and footprints imprinted in a cement pedestal right in front of the  TCL theater .

It was also at this location that he later participated in the premiere for the movie  Furious 7.



 Vin signed and imprinted his handprints and footprints on a cement platform


Vin  signed and imprinted his handprints and footprints on a cement platform



 He even printed his son's finger on the podium.


He even printed his son’s finger on the podium.





It is a miracle that I can stand here right in front of all of you, honored in this way. When I started acting, there was no such thing as a multicultural actor, there was no room for people like me

”, the actor shared in his speech at the event, “ I love all the actors. you ”.

 The star spoke at the event.


The star spoke at the event.



Recently, he also shared about the role of  Kurt Russell  and the direction in season 8 of the series: ” Kurt Russell has been involved in this movie, we wanted to let him in because the next story will happen. out in New York. We created a character that I think is a mysterious man. You never know his name. You never imagine what his world looks like. And I think that’s very exciting .”

 Fast & Furious 7 cast.


Fast & Furious 7 cast  .

Fast & Furious 7  is receiving a lot of response not only from fans of this series, but also from audiences who love action movies. The film is expected to “bomb” all over the box office in the coming days.


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