The program is one of Guerlain’s efforts to raise children’s awareness of the importance of bees in the wild.

At the end of January 2023, Angelina Jolie arrived in Paris to continue her journey as an ambassador for the Women for Bees campaign conducted by UNESCO in collaboration with Guerlain . During this visit, the famous Hollywood actress and Lorène Mouchet – one of the first members of Women for Bees and Cécile Locard – Director of Sustainable Development of Guerlain organized Bee School, a class to teach beekeeping. for young children.

Female beekeeping network aims to protect the endangered insects and  support marginalised women

The program is one of Guerlain’s efforts to raise children’s awareness of the importance of bees in the wild.

The class will take place on the campus of the Ecole Henri Barbusse primary school located in the town of Clichy-sous-Bois, France. This training program is part of Guerlain’s efforts to raise children’s awareness of the importance and great contributions of bees to food supplies and biodiversity. In addition, Guerlain and the school will build more hives in town and continue to host Bee School at other locations over the next month.

Guerlain’s Bee School

The Guerlain for Bees Conservation Program has built up a network of many partners and donors, all united in one noble cause: Protecting bees. Accordingly, Guerlain is committed to protecting this pollinator and conserving biodiversity on a large scale over the next ten years. As one of the fruits of the cooperation of Guerlain and its partners, Bee School was born in 2018 with the ideal of raising awareness about the importance of bee conservation to the world today and tomorrow. after.


Angelina Jolie cùng Guerlain dạy cách nuôi ong cho trẻ em tại Pháp






In addition, during “ Commitment Day”   – an event held for more than 3,700 Guerlain employees worldwide, they had the opportunity to visit elementary schools, explaining the role of bees. children and teach them how to protect this precious pollinator. After a successful trial period in France, Bee School has spread globally by 2021. As a result, nearly 6,000 children in more than 10 countries around the world have been trained on various issues that bees have to in particular and biodiversity conservation in general. It is expected that by 2025, more than 100,000 children will be participating in the training course of Bee School.

How Angelina Jolie Is Sharing Her Bee-lief in Biodiversity with Children





In addition to meaningful social activities, Guerlain has also caused a stir among fans when announcing the Aqua Allegoria perfume line using alcohol extracted from beetroot in 2022. The perfume bottle is not only impressed by the scent. Unique fragrance with 95% ingredients of natural origin, but also because the bottle is made from recycled glass and can be refilled when used up. It can be said that this is a step by Guerlain to “spread” a sustainable trend in the perfume industry.

The perfume bottles of the Aqua Allegoria line will only use alcohol extracted from beetroot according to organic farming methods.
Angelina Jolie & Guerlain Have Created A Female Beekeeping Programme