Sexy pink shadows that have been paired with Hollywood actors on the big screen


Vin Diesel is one of the top action actors in Hollywood at the moment. He is associated with the image of an experienced, quiet and invincible warrior on the big screen. Each film of “bald song” always brings a series of spectacular and spectacular action scenes. Therefore, accompanying Vin from the early days of his career to ” Bloodshot ” to here are all beautiful and equally strong “women”.

Radha Mitchell

After an early career with small films or supporting characters, Vin Diesel got his first big role in “ Pitch Black ” (2000). In the film, he plays an alien warrior with the ability to see in the dark and plays with “Australian beauty” Radha Mitchell. After ” Pitch Black “, she continued to be associated with horror-thriller films such as ” Visitors ” (2003), series ” Silent Hill ” or ” Rogue ” (2007). Radha has starred with many other famous actors such as Bruce Willis in ” Surrogates ” (2009) and Gerard Butler in the series ” Olympus has Fallen “.

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Michelle Rodriguez

Right a yar later, Vin continued to appear in the first part of the ” Fast and Furious ” series called ” The Fast and the Furious ” (2001) alongside Michelle Rodriguez. The work has helped the names of both become big stars. Along with Vin, Michelle Rodriguez is also one of the top “girls” in Hollywood. She appeared in a series of hit action movies such as “ SWAT ” (2003), “ Avatar ” (2009), “ Battle: Los Angeles ” (2011) or most recently “ Widows ” (2018) and “ Alita: Battle Angel ” (2019).

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Duong Tu Quynh

Few people know that the “difficult mother-in-law” of ” Crazy Rich Asians ” (2018) also played with Vin Diesel in the action-fiction movie ” Babylon AD ” (2008). Duong Tu Quynh is a name that is too familiar to Asian audiences through a series of hit Hong Kong martial arts films. She has appeared in a series of famous works such as ” Police Story 3: Super Police ” (1992), “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (2000) or ” Sword Dance ” (2010). In Hollywood, female stars also have a certain place when participating in ” Tomorrow Never Dies ” (1998), ” The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor ” (2008) or ” Mechanic: Resurrection ” (2016).

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Katee Sackhoff

In addition to ” Fast and Furious ” and ” xXx “, ” Riddick ” is also a series of films bearing the imprint of Vin Diesel. After ” Pitch Black ” and ” The Chronicles of Riddick ” (2004), he co-starred with Katee Sackhoff in a third season titled ” Riddick ” (2007). Previously, Katee made a mark in the audience when she played Lieutenant Kara in the famous ” Battlestar Galactica ” series. In addition, she also appeared in many hit horror films such as ” Halloween: Resurrection ” (2002), ” The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia ” (2013), ” Oculus ” (2013) or ” Don’t” Knock Twice

” (2016).

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Rose Leslie

In 2015, Vin Diesel continued to star in the action-fantasy movie ” The Last Witch Hunter “. Appearing next to him is “Jon Snow’s wife” Rose Leslie. She is a familiar name to the audience thanks to her role as Ygritte in the hit series ” Game of Thrones ” as well as marrying her co-star Kit Harrington in real life. Besides, Rose also appeared in many horror films such as ” Honeymoon ” (2014), ” Morgon ” (2016) or the upcoming ” Death on Nile ” (2020).

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Deepika Padukone

After the disastrous second part, the producer was forced to invite Vin Diesel again to revive the ” xXx ” brand with ” xXx: Return of Xander Cage ” (2017). This time, he was paired with the “beauty icon” of India, Deepika Padukone. She is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood and is always on the list of the most desirable beauties. Thanks to appearing next to Vin Diesel, Deepika’s name is globally famous and was included in Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018. She also has an impressive career “beating women” with many movies at home such as “ Race 2 ” (2013), “ Chennai Express ” (2013) or “ Happy New Year ” (2014).

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Eiza Gonzalez

In the upcoming superhero blockbuster ” Bloodshot “, Eiza Gonzalez will be the next beauty to join Vin Diesel. Compared to her “seniors”, she is not inferior in beauty, even possessing more sexy curves thanks to her hot Latin American bloodline. Although starting her career very early with the teen romance series ” Lola: Once Upon a Time ” of Mexico, Eiza quickly realized that the new action was “truthful”.

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She appeared in many hit productions and left a deep impression through each role, such as the charming but deadly Darling in ” Baby Driver ” (2017), female assassin Nyssiana in ” Alita: Battle Angel ” (2019) and most recently, the mysterious and powerful Madam M in ” Hobbs and Shaw ” (2019).

With ” Bloodshot “, Eiza Gonzalez will play KT – a mysterious female warrior in the Rising Spirit Project – the organization that revived Ray Garrison and gave him power from millions of nanobots in his veins. With a lot of experience in action, she promises to bring many beautiful and dramatic close-quarters scenes besides “bald song”. In addition, the relationship between KT and Bloodshot will also be an interesting detail for fans to discover.


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