This Youth Finds Hundreds of Cobras in a Rice Field Hole


The discovery of hundreds of cobras in a rice field hole by a youth has created a buzz on social media. The incident occurred in the village of Kukurhata, in the eastern Indian state of Odisha.

According to reports, a young man named Akash Bastia discovered the snakes while he was playing cricket with his friends in the area. He noticed a hole in the ground and out of curiosity, he decided to take a closer look. To his surprise, he found hundreds of cobras inside the hole.

Akash immediately informed the villagers, who then called local snake rescuers to the scene. It took the snake rescuers more than five hours to extract all the cobras from the hole. They carefully removed each snake and released them into the wild.

The incident has brought attention to the need for more snake awareness and safety measures in the region. The eastern Indian state of Odisha is known to have a high population of snakes, including venomous species like cobras.


Snakebites are a common occurrence in the area, and many people lose their lives due to a lack of proper medical facilities. The local government and wildlife authorities have been working towards spreading awareness and implementing safety measures to prevent such incidents.

In conclusion, the incident highlights the importance of snake safety awareness and the need for proper safety measures in regions with a high population of snakes. It also showcases the bravery of Akash Bastia, who helped prevent any harm to himself and the snakes by informing the villagers and calling local rescuers.


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