Tired of racing, the male actor turns to be a superhero in the upcoming new series

Sony will launch Vin Diesel-starred superhero Bloodshot based on the best-selling character of the Valiant Universe.





The Valiant superhero universe is one of the three most famous names in the world of comics next to the two giants DC and Marvel. The company once set a revenue record as well as becoming the comic publisher with the most nominations at the Harvey Awards for 3 consecutive years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Soon, Sony will release the superhero Bloodshot  by Vin Diesel stars based on the best-selling character of the Valiant Universe. 

One of the most successful comic book studios

In 1988, former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter, Steven J. Massarsky and a group of investors attempted to buy Marvel Entertainment but failed. Instead, they founded Voyager Communications a year later. Valiant, an edition of Voyager Communications, brought together artists and writers from Marvel to create a distinct superhero universe.

Rai is the character that helps Valiant achieve countless successes

In 1991, Valiant released the first titles, Magnus, Robot Fighter, Solar, Man of the Atom and Rai. Rai set a record when entering the list of top 10 comics of the prestigious Wizard Magazine for 9 consecutive months. Meanwhile, Harbinger released in 1992 also appeared on this list for 8 months and was eventually named “The Decade Collection”.

In 1992, Valiant won the Outstanding Publisher Award for publishers with a market share of less than 5% from the Diamond Comics distributor. The following year, it won the Best Publisher category for publishers with a market share greater than 5%, and became the first comic book franchise outside of Marvel and DC to do so. In 1992, Valiant Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for co-creating the Valiant Universe in a ceremony honoring Stan Lee.

The epic Valiant universe is not inferior to the two big boys DC and Marvel

In 2005, Valiant Comics changed its name to Valiant Entertainment. In 2012, the company revived the Valiant Universe with the four best-selling titles at that time, Bloodshot, XO Manowar, Harbinger and Archer & Armstrong. The first volume of the new franchise has 42,000 pre-orders, making Valiant Entertainment the largest new publisher in over a decade.

Also in the year, the company released Shadowman and quickly became the best-selling book of the month outside DC and Marvel. In July 2012, Bloodshot was awarded Best and Most Creative Comics by Diamond Comic Publishing House. The series also entered the top 10 comics on the Nerdage chart that year. Currently, Valiant Entertainment is under DMG Entertainment and is planning to bring the superhero universe to the big screen with the opening title Bloodsot.








The obvious difference with DC and Marvel

In an interview, Valiant Entertainment president Dinesh Shamdasani said, “We want new audiences to know how different and interesting Valiant’s characters are, and why we stand on par with DC. and Marvel. Valiant is very different. It focuses on the character. It has its own logic. It breaks all the rules. It is very eccentric.”

Bloodshot with the Harbinger group is the best-selling title of the company

Indeed, through the comics, Valiant shows a smart approach, not stereotypical and not confrontational with Marvel or DC. The company’s motto is to do what the two big comic book giants dare not, have never thought of or can’t do in their universe. Valiant’s characters are genuine in every way and make readers say, “I can’t believe they made that guy or girl a hero. I have never seen that before.” They come from personality, from shaping and also from physical effects outside the character.

Bloodshot' review: Vin Diesel becomes a zombie killing machine in a  superhero-like origin story | CNN







Valiant has a difference, helping them to stand on par with DC and Marvel

Director Aaron Schoenke of the Ninjak vs. Valiant Universe (2018) shared: “I think it’s very refreshing. This is not a stereotypical comic book where readers always know the outcome. With Valiant, you don’t know what you’ll get. Comics are like music. Other labels can make hit music like pop or rock but here we have jazz, classical music and many other unique things.”

Michael Rowe – the male lead of Ninjak vs. Valiant Universe – says: “Their drawings are very different. I think they are talking about the problems of this world and the like. They don’t take you to a parallel universe. I feel like all of Valiant’s characters are living in the same everyday world as us.”

Valiant’s characters all look like they came out of the real world

Valiant’s series are very close to the problems happening in our own real world. This is how the company makes a difference with Marvel and DC – where superheroes always have supernatural origins and powers. In Valiant, they are just ordinary people who become heroes through a series of common events.


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