Thought you turned into enemies, antelope was killed by baboons because of their gullibility


A baboon grabs an antelope, shreds its prey and then drags it around a reserve in Kenya.

Baboons and antelopes often roam side by side and warn each other when predators approach, according to wildlife

 photographer Nimit Virdi.

That surprised Virdi when he witnessed the baboon butchering an antelope that was only a quarter of its body size.

Thought you turned into enemies, antelopes were killed by baboons because of their gullibility - 1

The antelope was torn apart and eaten. (Photo: Nimit Virdi)

It seems that in this case, the baboon turned over and butchered its friend in the wild to fill its empty stomach.

Baboon eating a young Impala : r/natureismetal

Not intending to finish the meal alone, the baboon also shared the spoils with another baby monkey in the herd.


Virdi said he had never observed anything like it in the past.

The average lifespan of a baboon is 30 years. The predators they fear most are lions, leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, chimpanzees and crocodiles.

Thought you turned into enemies, antelopes were killed by baboons because of their gullibility - 2

Baboons share a meal with their young in the pack. (Photo: Nimit Virdi)

They usually gather in groups of 20 to 100 to move depending on the amount of food available nearby.

Males have significantly larger fangs than females. They will separate themselves from the female and young after the baby monkey is about 4 years old.

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