Taylor Swift Put on Billowing Black Trousers for a Night Out with Gigi Hadid — and This $34 Pair Looks So Similar


Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to ditch pants altogether, and Taylor Swift proved that with her recent G.N.O. outfit.



The “Bejeweled” singer stepped out with bestie Gigi Hadid wearing a pair of breezy wide-leg black trousers and a black halter top, an outfit that resembled a jumpsuit but — life hack! — dodges the dreaded one-piece bathroom hassle.

Aside from that convenient bonus, Swift’s trousers are not to be slept on for their comfortability and ease of wear — yes, even on sweltering days. We don’t know the exact brand she wore, but this pair of Tronjori palazzo pants from Amazon look so similar, and once you pick them up, you may find yourself wanting another pair.




The flowy polyester legs feel as freeing as a skirt or dress, but their function is much more versatile than one — they’re dressy enough for a day at the office and easily styled with a graphic tee and sneakers for more casual wear. Plus, they offer coverage and security that no skirt ever could.

The pants’ front pleats give them a sophisticated edge that separates them from loungewear, but the elastic back waistband makes them feel like your favorite sweatpants — truly the best of both worlds — which is likely why they have nearly 10,000 five-star ratings. The black shade most closely resembles Swift’s, but they’re also available in 32 other colors, which reviewers love.




One shopper said they’re “so comfortable, it’s like wearing PJs.” Others have called them “extremely flattering” and “fashionable and sleek” thanks to their statement wide legs.

Swift’s pants also reminded us of the Spanx Carefree Crepe Pleated Trouser, which is especially beloved for its button-free, stretchy pull-on design. There’s also the cotton-linen dream that is the Madewell Harlow Wide-Leg Pant, which is available in black and a bunch of other stylish muted neutrals.

No matter which pair you land on, you need some flowy wide-leg pants. Wear them to concerts, to work, to happy hour, and more — and never worry about rushing through a last-minute leg shave again.

Shop more styles inspired by Swift’s and other best-sellers below!



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