The hippopotamus helplessly watched his fellow being eaten by a lion


Lions feast on a hippo that had strayed away from the river in Zambia, Africa | Daily Mail Online

Bitter and angry when witnessing the sight of lions eating cannibals, but the hippo was also helpless to leave.

The above scene took place in South Luangwa National Park, Africa. Specifically a herdliontore apart a hippo while onehippoOthers can only stand and watch in fear. Witnessing the scene of his fellow being slaughtered full of fear was also angry, but in the end, he just quietly left.


Nature | Hippo King | Season 40 | Episode 11 | Montana PBS

7 Best Moments Lions Fight, Eating Hippo Alive - YouTube

The hippopotamus watched helplessly as his fellow lions were eaten.

In the past, bloody battles between lions and hippos were quite rare. Hippos and lions are unlikely to invade each other’s territories. That’s why hippos lack the survival instinct. They are young and separate, roaming around and becoming easy targets for lions to target.

Lion eating a hippo 845471 Stock Photo at Vecteezy



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