Cracking Cristiano Ronaldo’s ꜱеϲгеt to Peak Physical Fitness: Training and Diet


At the age of 38, CR7 may not be as potent as he was a decade ago. Since turning 30 years old, Ronaldo has scored at least 30 goals per season due to his determination and unwavering dedication to training.

The ƅоԀy fat percentage of Cristiano Ronaldo is approximately 7%, which is 3% lower than the average football player. Ronaldo’s muscle mass comprises 50% of his total weight, which is 4% higher than the average football player’s. He jumped 76cm from the ground, which is greater than the average NBA athlete’s 71cm.

Simply stated, Ronaldo was 33 years old when he joined Juventus in 2018, but he had the physique and strength of a player in his 20s!

The attractive ƅоԀy of Cristiano Ronaldo

So, what is the Portuguese superstar’s ꜱеϲгеt? This ꜱеϲгеt consists of three components: exercise regimen, diet, and sleep schedule.

Mode de travail: Strict, Anywhere, Anytime

Without a doubt, Ronaldo works out very intensely. In addition, he regulates it in a very scientific manner. Ronaldo must limber up with extreme caution to avoid injury. CR7’s routines consist of both cardio and strength training. “You should mix exercises,” Ronaldo advises. “You must ensure that all muscle groups are contracting. That is how you develop both strength and endurance.”

Ronaldo always takes his gym workouts very seriously

CR7’s training goes beyond the arena. “You should train wherever you can,” continued Ronaldo. “You can work out your abs in the boudoir when you first wake up or before you go to bed. If you practice frequently, you will develop a habit and find it simpler to do so.


In addition to training, Ronaldo places significant emphasis on recovery after training. After every match, Ronaldo always swims and uses hot and cool jacuzzis to thoroughly massage his muscles.

An additional ꜱеϲгеt of Ronaldo’s is a cold bath. Real Madrid once returned from the Champions League very late, at 3 a.m., accord ing to Reading’s former head coach Paul Clement. While the other players drove home, Ronaldo took an icy bath. In 2013, he even installed a cryotherapy chamber in his home. The purpose of ice baths and cryotherapy is to accelerate muscle recovery after exercise. The temperature in the room can fall below minus 150 degrees Celsius.


Gareth Bale followed in Ronaldo’s footsteps by recovering in a cryo chamber

Avoid calories, consume a lot of protein and green vegetables, and drink plenty of water

Ronaldo is not only dedicated to his fitness but also to his diet. “Good exercise must be accompanied by proper nutrition,” Ronaldo said. I consume an abundance of protein, fruits, and vegetables while avoiding sweetened foods.

Ronaldo follows a strict diet consisting primarily of protein, verdant vegetables, and fruit.

Since joining Real Madrid, the sensation from Portugal has had his own nutritionist. He divided his daily diet into six portions. “I don’t eat like that every day,” CR7 continued. “I still consume pizza with my son on occasion. If I don’t consume that, I’ll be sad.”

Ronaldo urges followers to consume water rather than Coca-Cola.

Additionally, it is essential to consume water. In training and in life, Ronaldo emphasizes the importance of hydration. Despite this, he attempts to avoid alcoholic and carbonated beverages.

Different sleep schedule: Not napping 8 hours/day

In order to maintain high-intensity training and competition, Ronaldo follows a unique sleep schedule. He doesn’t slumber 8 hours a day like a normal person. Instead, CR7 sleeps five times per day for 90 minutes each. The research of Professor Nick Littlehales, an authority in the study of sleep in athletes, explains this mode.

Everything Ronaldo does adheres to a strict schedule, resulting in a flawless physique.

Not only does Ronaldo train, eat, and rest properly, but he also constantly discovers ways to motivate himself. “You must learn how to train both mentally and physically,” CR7 advised. “Be a disciplined individual. Constantly motivate yourself and work diligently to maintain the routine. There are no simple days for me, so I must be strict with myself.”

The ꜱеϲгеt to Cristiano Ronaldo’s ability to maintain his peak performance until the age of 36, when most players are about to retire, is discipline and seriousness. Let’s see what contribution CR7 will make when he returns to Manchester United!


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