The eldest is considered to surpass Ronaldo.Amazing talent of the 12-year-old player:


Surrogacy allowed for the birth of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. on June 17, 2010, and he was named after his famous father. The young boy displayed exceptional talent in the game played by kings and had a lifelong fascination with the round ball from an early age.

Ronaldo’s son has been passionate about football since childhood

When the boy is at home, he is still occasionally referred to as “Cristianinho,” which literally translates to “Little Cristiano.” The reason for this is that the father and son share a lot of similarities, including the fact that they are both capable of playing football. Ronaldo is content with the situation and is eager to back the youngster as he prepares to take over.

Ronaldo was introduced to football by his father at a young age

“Will our son have what it takes to become a professional football player? He has much room for growth. Even though he is quick and skilled, that is not sufficient on its own. I instilled in my son a strong work ethic from an early age. simply to achieve one’s goals. I don’t put any kind of pressure on him to take up the sport of football. However, I want it to take place, “Ronaldo said.

The youngster Ronaldo Jr. is also provided with the optimal conditions for his development. He became accustomed to the heat of the pitch as he frequented the yard to watch his father’s matches and became a regular fixture there.

Specifically, he has the opportunity to join the youth teams of Real Madrid, Juventus, and Manchester United, which are the most prestigious training centers in Europe.

The boy Ronaldo Jr during his time with Real’s youth team

Remarkable scoring ability

The goal-scoring ability that Ronaldo Jr possesses is also extremely respectable. When the son takes the pitch, just like his father did before him, he will keep scor ing goals without stopping.


According to the journalist Edu Cornago, Ronaldo Jr. scored 50 goals for the U14 team during his time in Madrid while he was there. The team played 20 matches. Soon after joining the Juventus youth team, he quickly racked up 58 goals and 17 assists in just 23 games. In a typical outing, the senior Ronaldo will rack up two to three goals for himself. The son has taken to imitating his father’s signature “siuu” celebration whenever he notches a victory, and he does so after every goal he scores. Ronaldo’s grandmother, Mrs. Dolores, has admitted that her grandson is more talented than CR7 when he was the same age.


Ronaldo Jr recreates his father’s celebration

Ronaldo Jr. not only possesses the mental fortitude to be a successful striker, but he also possesses the necessary physical attributes. According to a few accounts, the boy’s current height is somewhere around 1 meter and 70 centimeters. In the coming years, it seems likely that this number will climb substantially higher.

The young Ronaldo followed his father to Saudi Arabia so that he could play football there, and he is now a member of the Al Nassr youth team. The boy is still able to quickly integrate, despite frequently having to change the environment in which he is living.

Recent statements made by Ronaldo’s longtime girlfriend, Georgina, indicate that the children are settling in well to their new home in the new country.

Ronaldo Jr. has already accomplished a lot in football and still needs some more time to answer. However, with the resources that are available to him, it is anticipated that the boy will be capable of catching up to and even surpassing the accomplishments that CR7 has established. Ronaldo has shared that his son expressed his desire to play football with him by telling him, “Dad, let’s play for a few more years, I want to play football with you.”

Little Ronaldo Jr hopes to one day play football with his father


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