Just owning a few simple items such as t-shirts, fabric pants, you can dress as beautiful as her


It is not surprising that Angelina Jolie is praised by the public as a Hollywood icon, besides her illustrious acting career and a series of philanthropic activities, this 47-year-old actress also has an impressive minimalist fashion sense. Regularly appearing with neutral and unpatterned outfits, Angelina Jolie still exudes a trendy and youthful look thanks to the extremely delicate coordination. Let’s take a look at some of the daily outfits of “Maleficent witch” to learn some tips on how to coordinate.

Wide leg pants are probably a brand item that Angelina Jolie cannot live without, because many times appearing in front of the camera, the actress chooses to combine this item with T-shirts, shirts and even dresses. sweatshirt.

This simple combination gives the actress a youthful, elegant and equally stylish look.

Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 1.

Office girls can immediately learn the set of Angelina’s bow-neck shirt and wide-leg pants for daily application. You just need to add a pair of pointed toe heels and the figure has become more elegant and soft.

Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 2.

On cold days, sweatshirts and sweatshirts will play their full role while still keeping the subtlety and politeness of the entire outfit.

The selection of neutral tones such as gray, gray, blue, black… also makes the coordination a lot easier.

Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 3.
Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 4.

One more suggestion of Angelina’s extremely feminine outfit that you can’t ignore is a t-shirt + skirt. There is no need to be too meticulous in choosing a style, just randomly mix a long skirt in the closet with a t-shirt and you will have a safe, comfortable and highly applicable set of clothes.

Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 5.
Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 6.

When going to work, girls can combine a shirt with a flared skirt or a zip skirt. This type of outfit is not too picky, whether tall or short you can still look very beautiful in the office environment.

Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 7.
Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 8.

Although she rarely wears jeans, Angelina Jolie is extremely suitable for such a youthful and dynamic outfit. Just adding an oversize shirt is enough to highlight the tall, slender figure of the A-list superstar.

Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 9.

Even “Maleficent”‘s cold-season clothing emphasizes minimalism in style and color. The actress wore a gray shirt over a T-shirt and wide-leg pants. This combination is both fashionable, outstanding and extremely stylish, anyone can follow.

Angelina Jolie's minimalist but impressive wardrobe - Photo 10.

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