Dramatic polar bear mother teaches cubs to hunt


My mother's health is full of children

Polar bears mainly feed on seals, so hunting technique is essential for foraging in harsh environments where temperatures drop below -20 degrees Celsius in winter and thick ice dominates. desolate landscape. Pictured is a polar bear patiently waiting and playing with its cub before the hunt begins.

The size of the mother's body is a new one - Picture-2

The mother bear worked hard, carefully examining the ice sheets and the seals’ breathing holes. This intelligent animal

 knows that its prey will eventually have to show up to breathe and that will be the moment to use its strength and technique to earn a meal and also to teach the cubs.

The size of the mother's body in a new year - Picture-3

When the seal emerged to breathe, the mother bear quickly grabbed it with her claws.

The size of the mother's body is full of pictures - Hinh-4

Then, with strong teeth, biting the neck mercilessly, the seal pulled it out of the ice hole.

The size of the mother's body is full of pictures - Pictures-5

Great strength helps the mother bear to pull the seal out of the ice hole quickly and decisively.

The size of the mother's body is a new one - Picture-10

The parents of the bear butchered the ill-fated seal.


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