Hunting a herd of wild buffalo, male lions immediately receive an expensive lesson


The adult male lion was counterattacked by a wild buffalo, lifted into the air, making many people stunned.

In the African grasslands, lions, especially male lions, are considered “killing machines”, superior predators and always terrify their prey when confronted. As a result, they have become key predators in the savannah environment with abundant prey populations.

However, the hunt is not always easy for lions. In a video shot at Kruger National Reserve (South Africa), male lions can be seen having a hard time chasing and trying to take down a wild buffalo.

In the video, male lions take advantage of the terrain to hide and approach a herd of buffalo while they are resting in the lagoon. When the time is right, the lion rushes forward, causing the buffaloes to panic and flee.

At this point, the lion could not have been more ideal for attacking its pre-determined target: an immature young buffalo trying to run towards the herd.

Everything seems to be going according to plan. After only a few steps of running, the lion knocked down the ill-fated buffalo and was about to deliver the finishing blow. However, an unexpected thing happened to the lion, when an adult buffalo suddenly rushed over, knocking it out of its kind.

Stunned by the attack, the lion could only curl his tail and run away, but the angry buffalo did not let go. It ran after the lion that was heading straight down into the lagoon.


With powerful horns and muscles, the buffalo rammed the lion’s body and lifted it into the air.

Fortunately, the lion still managed to get up after this attack. When the buffalo showed confusion, the lion quickly ran away to save his own life.

Hunting buffalo herds, male lions receive a valuable lesson - 1
Buffalo is not an easy prey to subdue, even if the lion has the initiative and the majority advantage (Photo: Ezoic).

The African buffalo is one of the largest herbivores in Africa. Although this is one of the favorite prey, lions often face many difficulties to defeat buffalo.

In many cases, when the number of individuals in a herd of African buffalo is outnumbered by lions, they can drive back the predator, leaving the lion in a “salt face” situation and having to give up. escape, there are even many cases where lions have been gored by buffalo, leading to death.

In contrast, the common lion needs to have the coordination of the whole herd or the cooperation of at least 2 individuals to be able to defeat a wild buffalo.

There are a few isolated cases where a prolific male lion can single-handedly defeat an adult buffalo. But in reality, male lions do not always dare to take the risk.


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