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Singer Taylor Swift’s family has been a banker for many generations. She also had a desire to work in the financial industry, following the family business.


Taylor Swift
Singer Taylor Swift

Non-gender name

When she gave birth to Taylor Swift, Andrea Swift – the singer’s mother – wanted to give her daughter a name that was neither too masculine nor too feminine so that when she grew up, her daughter would not be discriminated against. on paper at least.

Andrea Swift has this desire because she has worked in the business industry, has witnessed many women being forced to be executed just because their names appear on records, licenses. According to her, in applying for a business license, the profile of the man always receives more favor than the woman. She didn’t want that to happen to her daughter again. 

The name Taylor Swift was inspired by the American singer and songwriter, James Taylor, with the wish that her daughter would have more favorable conditions in life. 

The family has been a banker for many generations

Taylor Swift’s father – Mr. Scott Swift – is a member of the family with 3 generations as the bank’s president, with many people working in financial companies and different departments of the bank. From a young age, the singer was taught by her father about saving money and investing in utilities, enriching herself.

In an interview, the singer said: “My father is really passionate about what he does, the same way I love music.” She shared that her father made money from being a stockbroker, so when anyone asked about her, he would tell, but right after that content, he would immediately talk about stocks and potential investments.

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Taylor Swift Wishes To Be A Financial Advisor

From that foundation, Taylor Swift once wanted to follow in the family business and become a talented financial advisor. “When my classmates say they’d love to be an astronaut or a ballet dancer, I want to be a financial advisor in the future. I love my dad so much because he’s passionate about his work. . I see him happy with that devotion”, the female singer shared.

However, the dream of becoming a financial advisor only appeared when Taylor Swift was a child, because when she grew up, she followed the singing career – the path that her grandmother (Marijorie Finlay, a very popular opera singer in the world). past) pursued.


Hobbies “old before age”

Taylor Swift said that when she was a child, if her friends were immersed in Disney movies, she would watch  Behind the Music  – a 1997 TV documentary. The film’s content revolves around the private lives of some famous pop artists. language in the world.

After watching the film over and over again, Taylor Swift concluded that many pop artists lacked self-discipline and lost focus, so at times they went astray. Some people realize and change, but others turn a blind eye, eventually becoming delusional with their own success.

“I never want to make that mistake in my life, no matter what my career ends up doing. I’ve learned a lot from the movie I’ve watched many years in the past.” the singer added.

Taylor Swift loves the number 13.
Taylor Swift loves the number 13 because she gets a lot of luck thanks to this number


Lucky number 13

For many people, 13 is an unlucky number. But with Taylor Swift, she considers the number 13 as her lucky charm, even the female singer draws the number 13 on her hand before each show. 

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989. She turned 13 on Friday, the 13th – one of the milestones many people see as an omen, prone to bad luck. According to the female singer, her first album won the award after 13 weeks of release. Her first song was also introduced with a 13-second clip. 

Every time Taylor Swift receives an award, the number of seats she sits is usually 13 or she sits in the 13th area, row 13… Many lucks appear with the number 13, so in one reply to the press, female The singer said that wherever the number 13 is, she considers it a good thing.

12 years old estranged

At the age of 12, Taylor Swift was honored to appear in the important basketball game of the famous Philadephia 76ers team, in Pennsylvania, USA. Here, although Taylor Swift only took on the part of singing the national anthem, she received recognition from everyone, she gradually became famous and that also made her shunned by friends. They called her “annoying”. Taylor Swift says she’s not comfortable being praised by people.

Female singer
Female singer at the ceremony to receive an honorary doctorate at New York University


Always an outsider

Received 11 Grammy Awards, 25 Billboard Music Awards, but she always felt like an outsider, she couldn’t fit in at parties and friends. In an interview with Vogue magazine, when asked: “What else from the past to the present, you still remember?”, the singer shared: “My insecurities”.

Taylor Swift recalls a time when she was ridiculed for liking country music, wearing skirts and wearing cowboy boots. At the age of 16, she stopped caring about the noisy back and forth, her main focus was on music and her dream of becoming a singer.

“All the people I love, the people I really trust, none of them were perfect when they were young. If you knew how to be great in middle school then you probably wasted your time. to be true to herself,” the female singer confided. 

Always a good student

Taylor Swift is appreciated for her ability to learn, even at a preschool age. Although being homeschooled is the main thing during middle school and high school, the female singer always graduated with a 4.0 GPA and always completed the courses on time or earlier than the stipulated time. 

Because of her musical activities, the female singer did not go to university, but studying is still the dream she wants to aim for. During her interview with the media, she revealed that she wanted to receive a university degree despite many difficulties.

In May 2022, she received an honorary doctorate from New York University. The female singer also gave a remarkable speech at the school’s opening ceremony.  


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