The principle of extremely skillful parenting of the mother of 6 hottest children in Hollywood, especially thing 7 many parents can’t do


In her style of raising children, Angelina Jolie always wants to keep the family as close and warm as possible and to ensure that the children feel loved in the bond of love. maternal death.

It can be said that female stars do not believe in school rules and pedagogy. On the contrary, she prioritizes the self-education of her children and Angelina believes that those 6 children will grow up to be useful to society.

The principle of extremely skillful parenting of the mother of 6 hottest children in Hollywood, especially thing 7 many parents cannot do - Photo 1.

Angelina Jolie and 6 children


Not allowed to express anger and despair

Angelina Jolie once had a painful childhood when she witnessed the domestic violence of her parents. The female star once saw her mother “go into a rage” when she suffered beatings from her father. From childhood rifts, Angelina Jolie believes that it is a negative thing for children’s psycho-physiological development, so she does not want her 6 children to go through that pain. According to  The Richest , Angelina Jolie once confessed that she used to cry like rain in the bathroom, but never let her children know.

The actress believes that adults should keep their emotions in check when standing in front of their children, family and friends.

Because she doesn’t want anyone to be affected by her negative emotions.


The children do not need to go to school and can travel with their mother

Angelina Jolie does not send her children to high school to study, partly because she is too busy with her work schedule and volunteer work. Moreover, the actress conceives that 6 children can learn anything they like but without the pedagogical nature of school.

In addition, she encourages travel trips to know more about the world around. Angelina Jolie has always wanted her children to read books and go to museums rather than spending time attending classes. The female star believes that modern education has not caught up with the times and children need to be educated more widely than traditional subjects taught in schools.


The principle of extremely skillful parenting of the mother of 6 hottest children in Hollywood, especially thing 7 many parents cannot do - Photo 2.

Female star with children walking on the street


No limit on Internet usage time

As part of her “sentimental, emotional” parenting approach, Angelina Jolie believes her children can research anything they like on the Internet. Obviously they have no limit on the time spent surfing. Although, according to  Moms , the content is strictly monitored by security teams to ensure that the 6 kids are not watching anything that could harm them.

So while their time may not be limited, the content is on another scale. Because when using social networks must be closely monitored, in case they see anything that Angelina Jolie may not allow.


No drinking in the house

One of the reasons leading to the breakdown in the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came from Brad’s own alcoholism. The actor once admitted that he had a lot of difficulties and had to seek help but unfortunately it was too late to save his marriage.

Angelina Jolie does not want her children to follow in the footsteps of her father, so she is not allowed to have 6 children drinking in the house. The actress has said that she won’t allow any alcohol in the house even if the kids are legally allowed to drink. She shies away from the rules in many areas, but it seems where alcohol is concerned, she stands her own firm stance.

The principle of extremely skillful parenting of the mother of 6 hottest children in Hollywood, especially thing 7 many parents cannot do - Photo 3.

Angelina Jolie is so beautiful


Children must learn the native language of their brothers and sisters in the family

Angelina Jolie’s children come from many different countries. Her biological child speaks English as her first language, but she also has adopted children from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia. Angelina Jolie encourages her children to learn the native language of their siblings, but they seem to have gone beyond this and learned many different languages.


Shiloh is learning Kumai, a Cambodian language, and Pax is learning Vietnamese. The twins chose to focus on Arabic for Vivienne and sign language for Knox. Maddox prefers German and Russian, while her other daughter is studying French.


Kids can travel the world at any time of the year

Angelina Jolie has continued her career after breaking up with Brad Pitt and does not believe this is the reason why she has to be separated from her children. She takes them with her wherever she is filming and tries to maintain a family life as normal as possible, the mother said.

Because the kids are homeschooled, there are no term limits or requirements to be in a particular place at a particular time. Therefore, they are free to travel with their mother. She will arrange the house by tourist destination and her whole family will be there. The actress firmly believes that family is the most important thing in the world and no Hollywood movie career can stand in the way of that.

The principle of extremely skillful parenting of the mother of 6 hottest children in Hollywood, especially thing 7 many parents cannot do - Photo 4.

The charismatic aura of a mother of 6 children


No homework or tests

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that 6 kids don’t have to go home and do homework or study for tests. Angelina Jolie believes downtime is important to the kids, so they don’t have structural tests and aren’t required to do any homework outside of school, the mother revealed.

She firmly believes in therapy and self-care, not rules and conventions. Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings and ability to take care of themselves. Angelina Jolie doesn’t want her kids to be yelled at or asked to do certain things and this is clearly one of the areas where she and Brad disagree.


They are taught to respect those less fortunate

Angelina Jolie is acutely aware of the combination of her frivolous Hollywood image and the poverty of the people she works with on her philanthropic journeys. She wants her children to be aware of the need of those less fortunate than her.

She takes the children on her humanitarian trips. Angelina Jolie wants her children to grow up to make a difference in the world and not have to live like spoiled kids in Hollywood, according to the IB Times.


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