7 action sequences of a lifetime with the actor’s brand of “screen hero”


With his martial arts skills and scuba diving skills, Jason Statham has become one of the best action movie actors in contemporary screens. Every movie he plays makes the audience’s heart flutter because of his extraordinary “personality” and quick improvisation.

Jason Statham is an actor known for his martial arts skills and often performs beautiful duels by himself without a stunt double. With his outstanding physique and experience in martial arts, the actor is famous for his close combat phases that require high accuracy. Tired of fighting villains, this year Jason decided to challengethe shark Megalodonin The Meg .

Whether in the sea or on land, Jason Statham has excellent action scenes. Everyone is wondering, you have done many action scenes on land, you have also fought with sharks in the sea, so when will you fight in space? Before that day comes, let’s take a look at these 7 action moments branded as “silver heroes”!

1. Facing Sharks in The Meg

Jason Statham and 7 action moments of a lifetime branded as a screen hero - Photo 3.

When fighting sharks, Jason’s character Jonas Taylor bets his life, being eaten or falling to nothing before the aggressive and voracious shark. The audience watched the movie many times, thinking that Jason would be swallowed, but thanks to his swimming speed and intelligence, he escaped from the mouth of the prehistoric shark.

How old is this big mouth to bite you

Not only diving into the “stubborn” with the ancient monster, Jonas also dared to plunge into the water without protection. As a result, he was closely followed by the megalodon and was only able to escape with a single throw on the ship right in front of the shark’s nose. Don’t imitate Jason Statham, guys.

And here’s the scene where Jonas almost got a toothpick made by a megalodon

2. Escape from a house surrounded by assassins in Transpoter 1 (Transporter 1, 2002)

Jason Statham became famous after the action series Transpoter when he played Frank Martin – a freight forwarder. The most surprising scene in the film is probably when Frank and Lai ( played by Shu Qi ) are talking in the house when the rocket flies straight ahead and blows up the roof top. Not only trying to escape the burning house, but Frank and Lai also have to avoid the bullets of the assassins outside the door. Fortunately, the two jumped into the sea just in time before being burned to death along with Frank’s house.

Jason Statham and 7 action moments of a lifetime branded as screen heroes - Photo 6.

2. The racing scene in Transpoter 2 (Transporter part 2, 2005)

There are many action movies that have scenes of chasing each other on the highway, but this time Jason also had to race when carrying a boy and a female assassin. To cut off the rear of the police car Jason had to wriggle through different roads, the car raced from building to building and stopped near the threshold of a high-rise room.


3. One-on-one in Transpoter 3 (Transporter part 3, 2008)

People often say two-on-one without a mouse is lame, Frank is alone but has to fight a group of people sent by Johnson. These people are not average, they are all gangsters, tall, black, and muscular. It’s so big, but it doesn’t matter to Jason, after a few minutes of fighting he has defeated them all.


The battle is only really tough when Jason has to fight the big guy, who when confronted with him looks like a much smaller Jason. This time, he couldn’t just use strength, but also brainstorm. While fighting with him and concentrating his thoughts, he finally defeated that stupid giant with… a shovel.

Jason Statham and 7 action moments of a lifetime branded as a screen hero - Photo 10.

4. Chase the moving train in Transpoter 3

Frank rammed his car onto the roof of the train car, this seemingly insane act is a fascinating scene in the movie. He then jumped inside the ship through the window and tried to dodge the kidnappers’ bombs. After dealing with the small juniors, he switched to hand-to-hand combat with Johnson. Frank and Johnson were both determined to live a life in the cramped cabin. And then Johnson ends up being blown up with the wagon, ending the “Just Pretty” Transporter trilogy.

Jason Statham and 7 action moments of a lifetime branded as a screen hero - Photo 11.

6. Hanging people in the air in The Mechanic (Mechanical Assassin, 2016)

Jason plays Arthur Bishop, a professional assassin who wants to kill Adrian Cook, a scoundrel who got rich by trafficking. Cook owns an outdoor swimming pool on the roof of a 58-story building, which is where Arthur ended his life.


Arthur climbed through the building’s window and suspended himself by a lifeline. He then tried to cling to the bottom of the pool and injected a chemical to break the bottom of the pool. The swimming pool was broken, Cook was swimming when he fell to the ground and Arthur quickly jumped into the room and escaped.

Jason Statham and 7 action moments of a lifetime branded as a screen hero - Photo 12.

When looking from below, people only see a man floating above a skyscraper.

7. Solve private feuds in the style of “street jealousy” in Fast and Furious 7 (Too fast, too dangerous)

In Fast and Furious , Jason and Vin’s characters are opposites. When Ian Shaw (Jason) and Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) encountered each other, they crashed their cars into each other and then pulled out a stick. Both Vin and Jason are really eight and a half pounds, don’t know who will lose first. The fight is quite beautiful and brutal, when both sides want to defeat the other in anger. After a boring fight, Jason had to give up the stage to Vin Diesel and he fell into the pit due to the impact of a bomb.


Jason Statham and 7 action moments of a lifetime branded as a screen hero - Photo 14.

With dramatic action films that make viewers’ hearts flutter, Jason Statham is the number one choice for this genre. If anyone still doubts Jason Statham’s acting ability, watch The Meg to verify. You can also win against the ancient shark, who can fight this incomparable “beautiful uncle”



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