From a black market merchant, to the top action star of a handsome bald guy


Possessing a masculine and cool appearance, Jason Statham shines in villainous fighting roles and is loved around the world. Let’s review the journey to become the top action star in Hollywood of this handsome bald guy!

Starting with athletes and black market traders 

Jason Statham  was born on July 26, 1967 in Derbyshire (England). The actor’s father is a salesman and his mother is a dancer. Since childhood, he was interested in sports, namely martial arts (kickboxing and tarate), diving and football.

Jason  represented the British diving team competing at the 1990 Commonwealth Games. Two years later, when he won the Barcelona Olympics and placed 12th in the world diving rankings, he was recognized by the diving team. The photographer caught his eye and convinced him to become a model. Since then,  Jason Statham  has become a familiar advertising face of fashion brands for men.

It was thought that Jason  ‘s life  would not have to “go in the footsteps” of his father, but in the end he still had to trade fake jewelry on the black market to make ends meet. Thanks to his flexible and agile improvisation,  Jason  quickly became a “face-to-face” trader in the world.

 Jason Statham used to be a scuba diver and black market trader.


Jason Statham  used to be a scuba diver and black market trader.

To an impressive action film career

In 1998, the fashion label Jason was modeling for introduced him to director  Guy Ritchie  when he was casting the role of a street con artist for the film  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels , the film that the fashion house brand. This site is sponsored. Guy  challenged  Jason  by asking him to seduce the director into buying jewelry that everyone knew was fake, and as a result, he landed his first role, especially after  Guy  heard  Jason  confided about his past selling jewelry, fake perfume… on the street. This is also the turning point of Jason ‘s career  .

Two years later,  Jason  made his mark with another Guy  movie  Snatch , alongside international stars like  Brad Pitt  or  Benicio del Toro . The role of a  Turkish guy  who organizes illegal boxing matches was the launching pad for  Jason  to really enter Hollywood, but it was all just the beginning until the series that later made him a brand called  The  Transporter . transfer ) was born in 2002, 2005 and 2008.

Throughout all three seasons, he plays  Frank Martin , a former soldier whose “side job” is to transport valuable goods, whether it is objects or people. Frank  himself set “immutable” rules that are:  “Once an agreement is made, it must be obeyed”, “Do not reveal the name”  and ” Never open the delivered item “. However, not all missions go smoothly and  Frank  himself must face the danger to get out of those troubles.

 Jason Statham with the role that made his brand "carrier".


Jason Statham  with the role that made his brand “carrier”.

With a cool appearance and impressive action sequences   performed  by Jason Statham himself, The Transporter  series has brought his name closer to the public and has since entered the ranks of Hollywood’s “action kings” along with  Bruce WillisSylvester StalloneArnold SchwarzeneggerVin Diesel , etc. This is also the most prominent and characteristic role in the career of the British actor.

The hit from  The Transporter  helps  Jason  constantly receive invitations to participate in fighting villains such as in  War, Crank, The Bank Job, Death Race, Killer Elite, Homefront  or  Hummingbird.  Whe ther playing the main role or the anti-hero, 

Jason Statham  has left his own mark that not all stars have.

 The image of the male actor in the movie Homefront.


The image of the male actor in the movie  Homefront .

Action is real

In addition to his cool handsome face and husky voice,  Jason Statham  also makes everyone admire as one of the rare action stars who perform all the stunts in the movie without the need for a stuntman. He has repeatedly asserted that he does his own action scenes in the movie not only because he wants to satisfy himself but also to respect the public. Jason  doesn’t want to overtake the audience because they always distinguish between fake and real scenes, what is a technique, what is thanks to a stuntman.

“Today with CGI technology, even my grandmother can become an action star. But the action has to be real, because nothing can completely replace it,” Jason  shared  .

 Jason Statham does all the stunts in the movie himself, without the need for a stuntman.


Jason Statham  does all the stunts in the movie himself, without the need for a stuntman.

The actor said that he had worked hard to practice martial arts for many years so that when he entered the set, he could perform all the most difficult scenes by himself. Jason  is greatly influenced by top martial arts stars such as  Bruce LeeJackie Chan , and  Jet Li  because they always give their best for their roles. “Only when I watch the real fighting scenes from the actors, do I really have feelings, like living in the context of the movie” , the actor confided.

Satisfied with the “no film award” path

Although he has been invited to join the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, everyone knows that with his long-standing legacy of only action movies,  Jason Statham  can hardly imagine his dream of an award. When the audience is tired of fighting scenes and endless chases, they expect more from the content of the film and first of all, the deep acting of the actor. While in addition to the action and chase scenes, the films  Jason  participated in did not show the uniqueness in the plot or character psychology.

The handsome bald man himself was aware of that. But for him, those prestigious awards cannot be compared with the love of the audience and especially with the desire to offer the most impressive action scenes. He once asserted:  “You will never get an Oscar with a movie like Crank. And I certainly will never receive any awards for the movies I’ve been in . “

 The actor once affirmed that he did not expect to receive prestigious awards from the films he participated in.

The actor once affirmed that he did not expect to receive prestigious awards from the films he participated in.

Full family life

Becoming an action superstar with a huge fortune, the 49-year-old actor’s life became more luxurious than his previous popular background. Jason Statham  has a special interest in supercars and expensive real estate and is not afraid to spend a lot of money to own them. He also just bought a 10 million USD villa (about 230 billion VND) in early 2016 to give to his girlfriend. 

 Jason Statham with an expensive supercar.


Jason Statham  with an expensive supercar.

As well as his peachy nature in his roles,  Jason Statham  in real life has dated many famous beauties, including a 7-year relationship with model  Kelly Brook  or Australian singer  Sophie Monk . In 2011, the “carrier” publicly dated former Victoria’s Secret angel  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley  and the two are now preparing to welcome their first child. Despite the age difference of 19 years, the love between him and the beautiful woman is considered the most beautiful and least famous love story in the entertainment industry.

 His full life with the former Victoria's Secret angel made many people jealous.

His full life with the former Victoria’s Secret angel made many people jealous.


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