Indonesia: Fishermen were surprised when they caught a mutant shark with a human face


A fisherman was stunned when he caught a mutant shark with a human face off the coast of Indonesia.

A fisherman was stunned when he caught a mutant shark with a human face off the coast of Indonesia.


A fish shaped like a human face was discovered by an Indonesian fisherman. Photo: ViralPress

According to The Mirror, the strange creature was found by fisherman Abdullah Nuren (48 years old) on February 21 in the waters of East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia.

In a video shared on social media, Nuren said he accidentally caught a pregnant shark and it died after getting caught in a trawl.

When Nuren dissected its belly, there were two baby sharks inside, but the third one surprised him with its special appearance by two large round eyes below the nose.


The shark’s distinctive shape is thought to be due in part to Cyclopia’s condition. Photo: ViralPress

Dr David Shiffman, a research scientist at the Marine Stewardship Council, said the shark’s distinctive appearance could be due in part to a rare condition called Cyclopia.

Nuren said that the neighbors around wanted to buy the special shark but he refused.

“My house is full of people coming to see the shark. Many people want to buy it, but I will keep this particular shark because I think it will bring me good luck,” Nuren said.


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