Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett are Hollywood’s weirdest couples.

Not only shocking with the co-worker's punch, Will Smith and his wife are also Hollywood's weirdest couple: A dramatic marriage of more than 20 years, "sometimes out of the way" but only for emotional testing only.

From their bizarre views on parenting to their unconventional views on marital fidelity, Will and Jada Smith have long been Hollywood’s weirdest couple.

Recently, the Oscars 2022 ceremony has become a “hot” topic on social networks, after actor Will Smith – who has just won the Oscar for his role as Richard Williams in the movie “King Richard” – straightened out. physical impact” with comedian Chris Rock for joking around with his wife.

Specifically, when announcing the award, Chris constantly joked about Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith’s wife) cutting her bald head. Indecent statements made the 53-year-old actor unable to keep his composure, so he acted badly.

The short clip of this scene then quickly went viral on Twitter. The online community was surprised by Smith’s actions to protect his wife, and at the same time expressed admiration for his love for his wife.

The marriage is as dramatic and dramatic as a novel

Not only shocking with the punch of a colleague, Will Smith and his wife are also Hollywood's weirdest couple: A dramatic marriage for more than 20 years, sometimes out of the way, but just to test their feelings - Photo 1.

“Standing in this mountain and looking at that mountain”, had feelings for Jada but Will Smith married someone else, only to admit that he had married the wrong person. Photo: AP

The relationship between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith was strange from the day the two met. Their love story began when the two met on the set of the 1994 sitcom Different World starring Jada Pinkett. Recalling that day, Will shared that he knew there was something magical about the same power. rekindled between the two.

However, fate is ironic. Smith goes there to meet Jada, but he runs into Sheree Zampino (Jada’s co-star in the sitcom).

Finally, the 53-year-old actor married Sheree Zampino and they have a son together.

After that, both Will and Jada continued to meet and see each other as friends for many years. This love affair with Will still hides something very strange. He shared, “Every time we meet is an inexplicable vibration, but I’m married.” One day, when going to dinner with Sheree, the actor had to go to the toilet quietly “to tears”.

Although they still have feelings for each other, the two do not develop a romantic relationship until after Will’s divorce. That is what Jada himself confirmed: “We did not have a romantic relationship with each other while he was still in a marriage. Everyone needs to understand this clearly.”


However, Will was different, he couldn’t shake the feeling of losing the person he was supposed to be with. Day’s end of feelings made Smith so confused, that one night he sat alone in a restaurant, laughing and crying uncontrollably, reeling with contradictions in his head.

Finally, Sheree filed for divorce on Valentine’s Day in 1995, and Smith married Jada two years later. However, after getting married, Jada reveals that she really never wanted to marry Will. She has always had doubts about marriage but feels pressured after being pregnant with their first child, Jaden. It was this pregnancy “incident” that led to a marriage that lasted more than 20 years, experienced many ups and downs, including the fact that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith had a third person.

In 2018, she expressed, “I’m very sad because I have to have a wedding… I cried during the wedding ceremony. I still can’t believe I’m married.” She later revealed: “Just thinking about the rules that the two words “becoming a wife” set out, and hearing the marriage vow ‘only death can separate’, I shivered with anxiety, so I didn’t hold back. get tears”.

Not only shocking with the co-worker's punch, Will Smith and his wife are also Hollywood's weirdest couple: A dramatic marriage for more than 20 years, sometimes out of the way, but only for emotional testing - Photo 2.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s worry is right, because husband and wife are like dishes in a cupboard, how to avoid collisions. Photo: TheIndependent

But Smith feels the exact opposite, admits: “There’s never been a day in my life when I’d wanted anything more than to get married and have a family. From the age of five, I literally had a picture. What will my family be like?” Then they had a second child, Willow, three years later.

Both children are directed by their parents to work in the entertainment industry. Will Smith shared about parenting on People in 2008: “We are not strict but believe that this is an important factor when raising children, giving them a sense of security and helping them understand they need to be cared for. instruct”. Will Smith and his wife homeschool their children, in their 2,500-square-foot mansion in Malibu.

Unique marriage ideas, starting from monogamy and then developing in another direction

Not only shocking with the co-worker's punch, Will Smith and his wife are also Hollywood's weirdest couples: A dramatic marriage for more than 20 years, sometimes out of the way, but only for emotional testing - Photo 3.

Actor Will Smith affirmed that he and his wife do not want to turn marriage into a prison and can give each other freedom in certain times. Photo: NewYorkPost

Last year, the Smiths participated in the program Red Table Talk and candidly opened up about their marriage of more than 20 years. Jada Pinkett Smith at that time caused a stir in the media when she admitted that she “cuckolded” the actor and had an affair with August Alsina, a colleague 21 years younger while separating from her husband. What shocked people the most was that August Alsina was her son’s best friend. After that, the couple parted peacefully.

Not only Jada, Will Smith himself also admitted to having an affair. However, the actor did not want to dig into this secret. However, he admits that he once harbored an illusion of having a “harem” of 20 people, including actress Halle Berry and ballerina Misty Copeland.

Not only shocking with the co-worker's punch, Will Smith and his wife are also Hollywood's weirdest couple: A dramatic marriage for more than 20 years, sometimes out of the way, but only to test their feelings - Photo 4.

They both started “exploring” polygamy after they suffered and realized something had to change. Photo: NewsWeek

Currently, Jada and Will Smith are taking time to mend their relationship. The couple decided to forgive the mistakes of the past, not to blame each other to cultivate the marriage.

Most surprisingly, actor Will Smith also frankly shared about the “open” husband and wife relationship of both and that stems from his wife’s point of view. “We always have open discussions about the definition of a perfect marriage, how to make the couple happiest. Most of the time, we choose a monogamous relationship, but we don’t consider it. this is the only perfect relationship.”

The 53-year-old actor explained, “Jada never believed in traditional marriage. Her family members had an unusual relationship. So she grew up in a very different way than I did.” “We give each other trust and freedom. Everyone needs their own space, and marriage can’t be a prison for us. I don’t encourage anyone to follow our example, but the things that The couple’s love for each other is unconditional. For me, that’s the highest definition of love.”

The Smiths agree that this experience has strengthened their marriage. In the end, after more than two decades of being together, the love of this couple has had times when they are no longer passionate and fall into a deadlock, but after all, they still choose to stay together and learn how to improve their relationship. relationship.

In addition to often showing affection on the red carpet, in big events, Will Smith revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail, he and his wife intentionally spend time with Hollywood couples whose marriages have broken up. as Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Because they want to find out why their relationships fail, and also learn from their mistakes.


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