Emotional moments of the animal world


 Famous photographers have captured memorable and emotional moments about the animal world.

Husky dog ​​walking on water in Northern Russia. The heavy rain pouring down on the frozen lake created this interesting scene. Mr. Fox Grom, the dog’s owner recorded the above image.
Two polar bear cubs snuggled up in their mother’s lap when the outside temperature reached -50 degrees Celsius. Photographer Andy Skillen caught this image while visiting Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada.
Sadness of a gorilla while sitting in an iron cage at Pata Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand. (Source: EPA)
An 8-month-old cat who lost her hind legs in Chongqing city, China has been fitted with wheels by experts to help her walk. (Source: Reuters)
Hedgehog at a UK wildlife center. (Source: PA)
Great white shark jumps in False Bay, South Africa, near Seal Island. (Source: Isaac Galisteo)
Cat resting on Sao Conrado beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Source: Xinhua Press)
A lion grabs his cub by the neck to jump over a ditch in Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya. (Source: Caters)
Pelicans at the Paracas National Reserve in Ica, Peru wait for a fish thrown by a fisherman. (Source: Reuters)
Manatee in Crystal River, Florida, Myhx. (Source: Ellen Cuylaerts)
A gray whale off the coast of Baja, California, USA emerges from the water, surprising tourists. (Source: Tim Melling)

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