Poor hairless chimpanzee estranged from his fellow humans


A 22-year-old chimpanzee in the UK who suffered from baldness and was chased by his companions died suddenly after being injected with anesthetic for a routine health check.

Mongo , a 22-year-old chimpanzee, living at Twycross Zoo, England, after being injected with anesthesia for routine health checks, could not regain consciousness and died in a coma. Zoo staff said Mongo

 showed no signs of illness on the outside, but inside it was infected with air sacs and showed signs of heart disease. They also said they would conduct a complete forensic examination to learn more about the poor chimp’s cause of death.


Poor hairless chimpanzee was estranged from his fellows and suddenly died

 The hairless chimpanzee is discriminated and estranged by his fellow human beings
The hairless chimpanzee is discriminated and estranged by his fellow human beings

Mongo was originally just an ordinary chimp until it suddenly became famous in March this year after a video of it being chased by its fellows due to baldness was . The video, although only about 1 minute long, has received more than 1.1 million views on YouTube.

The video made Mongo instantly become the center of attention of social networks


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