Aпdy Reid expresses heartfelt gratitυde to his wife for her υпwaveriпg sυpport from high school to the preseпt day. He ackпowledges her as aп extraordiпary womaп deserviпg of immeпse respect aпd appreciatioп. He pledges to staпd by her side throυgh thick aпd thiп, promisiпg her love aпd devotioп for eterпity.



Andy Reid has taken on two important roles: coach and dad.The Kansas City Chiefs head coach is the father of five children, all of whom he welcomed with wife Tammy Reid. They share sons Garrett, Britt and Spencer Reid and daughters Drew Ann and Crosby Reid.


The couple’s first child was born when Andy was finishing his master’s degree in Utah. Due to Andy’s coaching career, the Reids were constantly on the move — which is why each of their five kids were born in different states.If there’s one thing that trumps Andy’s love of football, it’s family. Tammy has previously opened up about her husband’s commitment to her kids amid his busy schedule as coach.

“He would go in at these crazy hours and then he would come home by a quarter to 7 [in the morning] and do breakfast with the kids,” Tammy recalled in a story written for the Kansas City Chiefs. “He then would drive one group to school and I would take the others.”All of Andy’s sons pursued football-focused careers, like their dad. Spencer was able to be with Andy on the sideline for some of his playoff victories


Just to see your husband next to your sons, it’s awesome,” Tammy continued. “All the pictures we have of them hugging after games, just to know that they’re with their dad and that they get to share this joy together. It’s emotional.”Appearing in a postgame interview after his Super Bowl LVIII win against the San Francisco 49ers, Andy, accompanied by Tammy, joked about the effect their kids had on him: “She had five kids and it completely ruined my body. I’m not sure what happened!”


In contrast to Andy and Tammy’s life in the spotlight, their kids keep rather low profiles and are rarely photographed together. The couple also has 12 grandchildren, with whom they often share sweet moments together after Chiefs games.Garrett Reid is Andy and Tammy’s first child, born while his father was finishing his master’s degree in Utah.

In 1999, Andy became the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. According to The New York Times, his kids had “idyllic upbringings,” having been involved in Eagle Scouts and piano lessons through age 18.In August 2012, Garrett died following a heroin overdose, according to CBS News. At the time, he was working for the Eagles as an assistant to the strength and conditioning staff and was found in his dorm room at the team’s training site in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


Garrett, who was 29 at the time of his death, had experienced drug addiction for almost a decade. Following his passing, Andy and Tammy thanked fans for their support.”Even though he lost the battle that has been ongoing for the last eight years, we will always remember him as a fighter who had a huge, loving heart,” they said in a press statement.


After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2020, Tammy briefly addressed the death of her oldest child. “The fact that we were all here, that was amazing,” Tammy said of the game, referencing her other four children. “Except for ‘G.’ So sad, but I know he’s watching us.”


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