As passionate as Keanu Reeves: Wife and children died, it took 2 decades to dare to open up


Keanu Reeves, the name is no longer strange to Hollywood movie followers when he continuously appears in a series of action films such as The Matrix, John Wick or Speed. However, I think maybe few people know that our John Wick has had a bad time. Even he was willing to freeze his heart for nearly 2 decades, until Alexandra Grant appeared.

Tragedy of love with Jennifer Syme, frozen the heart for many years

Perhaps to talk about Keanu’s life, that many words are still not enough, Banh Duc thought that if possible, the studios should make a documentary about “Hollywood treasures”. 

Keanu Reeves is famous for his action movie projects, seemingly “terrorist” like on the screen, but in real life, he is a gentle, compassionate and admirable man. I think this is also the charm that makes many girls constantly “fall for” him.

Obviously he is wanted by many women but Keanu has always chosen to appear alone at a few events over the years. According to Banh Duc learned in Lessons Learned in Life , they think that maybe because of the painful past, the star born in 1964 has closed his heart and is not ready to accept new love.

Like I said, if I can tell Keanu’s ups and downs in life, so many words are still not enough. Because in his youth, he dated many beauties, in which the love affair with Jennifer Syme is considered the deepest. I remember the first time they met at a party in 1998 and not long after that they decided to get together because they realized that the other person matches my personality very well.

Their full life didn’t last long until December 24, 1999, their daughter Ava Archer Syme-Reeves was born and died just a few minutes after being born prematurely. Perhaps this is the biggest pain that I think neither Keanu nor Jennifer can ease and it is this shock that both of them have to let go of each other’s hands. 

I think it’s not simply because the two no longer love each other, unlike the love stories that people often call “no matter how sweet they become clouds” , it’s just that the pain of losing a child can’t make Keanu and Jennifer fall in love with each other. face each other, thinking that they are close, but in fact, there is always a great distance between them. Therefore, I think breaking up is also a matter of sooner or later.



In 2001, Jennifer also left Keanu and went in a car accident. Two consecutive shocks made Keanu disoriented, falling into a closed state, limiting contact with the press. It was also this that made him begin to freeze his heart, not allowing himself to love anyone again.

There is a sentence that I remember Keanu once shared with the media that: “This pain can only change shape but never disappear”, it accurately describes his feelings at that time. When the man who was always famous on the big screen, witnessed the passing of the two most important people in his life, then Keanu had to hold back his tears and lived in solitude for a while.


Alexandra Grant – the one who melted the hard heart of Keanu Reeves

2019 I think is probably Keanu’s prosperous year, marking his strong comeback on both career and emotional paths. At that time John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum was released, I saw him constantly receiving many positive reviews for his performance of “money-making” action sequences .

In addition, Keanu continued to make waves on social networks when publicizing his girlfriend at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles the same year. I think maybe this is the time when he’s ready to break the ice inside of him. 


During his many years of career, The Matrix star has not shown any loving and affectionate gestures to anyone on the red carpet, but when he was ready to hold hands and give an affectionate look to business partner Alexandra Grant, Banh Duc understood everything.

As far as I know, Alexandra Grant is a fine art artist, born in 1973, graduated from Swarthmore University. She is currently a book illustrator based in Los Angeles. Having an impressive height compared to her boyfriend (1m86) when wearing high heels.


The two also have a “two swords” together with the publishing house X Artists’ Books and also published two books, Ode To Happiness and Shadows , while Alexandra designed the illustrations for the two books, while Keanu wrote the lyrics. content.

Most recently, Banh Duc saw many articles reported on 7/7/2022, Keanu Reeves was seen by the press in the hands of his girlfriend Alexandra Grant walking the streets in New York, USA. They are comfortable showing affection in public and are not afraid to be recognized by others.

Although there are currently no sources confirming that Keanu is engaged to Grant, but as far as I know, in March of this year, Keanu went to a jewelry store in West Hollywood to choose a ring. 

Prior to that, Grant had also visited the Matrix 4 set to visit her other half many times before, or in October 2011, the two were seen together intimately when leaving a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles.

This makes a fan like Banh Duc constantly cheer for the idol, because after many years of lonely life, “John Wick” has a full stop and freely distributes “wage cranes” to fans.



Other “future” love affairs, always keep the rules with the opposite sex

Banh Dieu sees Keanu Reeves as a well-known star when it comes to love affairs. The Hollywood A-lister once had rumors of dating Amanda De Cadenet, Sandra Bullock and Claire Forlani, but currently no one knows if there is anything serious between him and them.


During the 1980s, Keanu dated Jill Schoelen. After breaking up, Schoelen dated Brad Pitt and they were engaged for 3 months in 1989. In addition, The Bling Ring filmmaker – Sofia Copola, briefly dated the A-list actor in 1992. after Bram Stoker’s Dracula .


On the other hand, he has always been considered as one of the handsome actors of old Hollywood, so many times I see many girls ready to surround him. However, Keanu is very disciplined, he always cleverly keeps a delicate distance and is determined not to “skinship” with friends of the opposite sex.



In short, the love story of Keanu Reeves to this day is still a mysterious number because no one knows that besides the bitter love story with Jennifer Syme or the hopeful love affair with Alexandra Grant, Keanu has anyone else or Are not. Anyway, with the fact that he always knows how to keep a subtle distance from the opposite sex, it still makes me feel that he is a person who pays attention to details and is quite loyal.


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