Before he won the Oscar, here are his 5 worst movies that made him just want to ‘apparate’ out of shame!


Will Smith – the owner of 4 Grammy Awards, 5 Golden Globe nominations and 1 Oscar – was named “Hollywood’s most powerful male actor”. He is always the first person that studios think of to start their films, because almost every movie with the Will Smith label makes money. As of 2014, 17 of the 21 films he starred in have grossed over $100 million. Everything he touches turns to gold, but high sales do not mean high appreciation. In fact, many of Will Smith’s films have received enough “brick” from both viewers and critics.


1. After Earth

Will smith

Set in the future, 1,000 years after humans left Earth due to a cataclysm, After Earth follows the journey home of Kitai (Jaden Smith) and his father Cypher (Will Smith) trapped in Earth after their spacecraft crashes in space and is forced to make an emergency landing. On the surface, this seems to be a promising work of fiction with beautiful techniques. It wasn’t until I saw it that I realized how disappointing it was.


After Earth is not the first project that father and son Will Smith and Jaden Smith participate in together. They previously brought the audience to tears in The Pursuit of Happiness – a touching journey of father and son from homelessness to success, earning the actor a prestigious Oscar nomination. After Earth ‘s father and son reunionnot only failed to replicate that success, but it also became one of the most underrated films of Will Smith’s career, with a record low 11 percent score on the web. Rotten Tomatoes. Will Smith himself once admitted this was “the most painful failure” in his acting life.

2. Wild Wild West

Will smith

With a score of Rotten Tomatoes only slightly higher than After Earth, Wild Wild West again set a record with 8 Golden Raspberry nominations and won 5 awards, including “Worst Film” and “Worst Soundtrack” (created). by Will Smith himself). With a budget of $170 million, 

Wild Wild West was the biggest budget blockbuster at its time. The western action title ultimately failed miserably at the box office, grossing just $113 million from domestic audiences.

What makes Wild Wild West receive so much hate? The answer is that $170 million can buy magic but not a good script. In fact, Wild Wild West’s script was edited over and over again by six different writers, creating a mixed mix of genres from comedy and action to cowboy and fiction. Film commentator Terrence Rafferty wrote in the New Yorker, “A boring, emotional, and utterly pointless movie—but it looks good on Will Smith in cowboy clothes!”

3. Bad Boys II

Will smith

The 1995 megahit Bad Boys led to the reunion of Michael Bay, Will Smith, and Martin Lawrence in 2003. Set eight years after the events of the first film, Bad Boys II continues to follow the super riotous police duo. Mike and Marcus embark on a drug-hunting mission in Miami City. But even the hilarious “drop pants” performance between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence could not save Bad Boys II from Michael Bay’s “curse”.


Earning billions from his films, Michael Bay is nicknamed “the king of fire” of Hollywood. Michael Bay’s movies are always full of guns and action, just lacking the right script and meaning. His most famous series, 

Transformers, has steadily declined in ratings, with the latter being criticized even worse than the former. Unfortunately Bad Boys II is no exception, described as “Two and a half hours of explosions and stupid jokes” on Rotten Tomatoes.

4. Suicide Squad

Will smith

Who can forget the biggest disappointment coming from this DC universe. Released at the height of the race between DC and Marvel, Suicide Squad marked a step down for Warner Bros. compared to its Disney friend. Experts say that Warner Bros.’s rush to catch up with Marvel/Disney has accelerated production without really investing in quality. The result is a beautiful blockbuster with an A-list cast, but messy developments and a superficial, lost and faded character system.


In Suicide Squad , Will Smith plays Deadshot – a member of the Suicide Squad and one of the central characters. Before agreeing to participate, he had to make a choice between two scenarios: one for Suicide Squad and one for Indepence Day: Resurgence (the sequel to Indepence Day , the well-known Will Smith movie). In the end, he chose to go home with Warner Bros. “The selection of Suicide Squad has nothing to do with the quality of the film. I chose it to want to move on and do new things, instead of going back to the past.”

5. Bright

Will smith

Bright is one of Will Smith’s most recent projects and the brainchild of the Netflix streaming platform. With an investment of more than $100 million, Netflix expects the crime fantasy from director David Ayer (also the director of Suicide Squad ) and screenwriter Max Landis to attract millions of views. Their investment proved successful, with 11 million views in its first 3 days, making Bright the most watched show on Netflix.


But it also “gained” Netflix millions of reviews from experts. Bright was disparaged enough by the international media. IndieWire even called it “the worst movie of 2017”, with writer David Ehrlich commenting as follows: “There are boring movies, there are bad movies, and there are silly movies of the type. like Bright ”.

Any actor in his career, for one reason or another, has had to play a bad role. So it’s completely understandable why 35 years of working in the film industry, Will Smith encounters many mistakes. But even when criticized by the media, even when the audience criticized it badly, the audience never turned away from Will Smith. Now, his attraction is still as strong as the first day and has not decreased. Therefore, when Will Smith won the Best Actor category at the Oscar 2022 in the film King Richard , it was completely worth his efforts to always rise to reinvent himself.

Before winning the Oscar, here are the 5 worst Will Smith movies that only make him want to 'hide' out of shame!
Will Smith brought home the first Oscar for his career

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