Declassified documents reveal the truth about aliens

So far, in accordance with the law, secret documents of governments and authorities on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and aliens have been declassified respectively. Through these declassified documents, it can be confirmed that UFOs and alien life are not “bullshit” as long thought.
Spain – the plane carrying the President encounters a UFO

In October 2016, the Spanish Ministry of Defense published a 1,900-page document following the court ruling. The document includes 80 records, which are publicly posted by the Central Library of the Spanish Air Force on the website of the Ministry, including many encounters and UFO detections in this country from 1962 to 1995. .
UFOs and the Boundaries of Science - Boston Review

Each file consists of several pages, including the location, time, summary of the UFO sighting, as well as interviews with witnesses and photographs if available.

The first recorded event occurred in 1962 in San Javier, while the last was in 1995 in Morón. In which, the most prominent is the case at Ferrol, on April 2, 1966. At that time, a warden and two sailors saw “a massive object in the sky that changed shape every 5 minutes”. Thirty minutes later, another sailor saw the same object above a radio station in Naron.
Pentagon won't rule out aliens in long-awaited UFO report - BBC News

Another notable UFO event was that the pilot and crew on the flight carrying President Adolfo Suarez from Germany to Spain reported seeing a UFO. However, they did not disclose the location of the UFO encounter. The document reads: “On the evening of February 25, 1980, President Adolfo Suarez, the pilot and passengers on the plane of Flight 401 flying from Germany to Madrid, Spain, saw a strange light.”

Some UFO images released by the CIA.

In addition, there are cases of military radar detecting UFOs but not visible to the naked eye. A document dated November 28, 1979, said that some people saw 2 UFOs in Madrid, a military plane was sent to search for UFOs but the pilot saw nothing even in good weather and 4 times established radar contact.

In 1971, a UFO also appeared as a luminous object following the T-33 during the Talavera-Getafe voyage. In 1977, strange lights appeared again in Madrid. Secret documents also reveal other UFO appearances, such as the one on November 27, 1979, many people saw lights in the sky, recorded noises of unknown origin.

CIA – UFO images

In the US, recently state agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the National Security Agency (NSA) have also released declassified documents in turn. about aliens. The most recent was the release of classified CIA documents in November 2016, after lengthy litigation efforts by freedom of information campaigners demanding the agency release classified information.

Among the documents are reports of flying saucers and recipes for invisible ink, many documenting UFO sightings in the area around the Himalayas. For example, around 21:00 on February 19, 1968, a bright object moving at high speed flew across the sky northeast of Nepal and north of Sikkim. The strange object has an elongated shape, emitting red and green lights. A thunderclap sound is heard a few seconds after the object appears.

A 1,900-page document has been published by the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

Three days later, in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan, a strange object was discovered moving at high speed without making a sound, but emitting a blue light. On March 4, 1968, a UFO was detected moving from east to west near Chang La Pass in Ladakh, flying over Indian Air Force bases in Fukche and Koyul areas. The CIA said the object was bright white and accompanied by two explosions, in addition to a flash of red light followed by white smoke.

Notably, on March 25 of the same year, a giant round metal object with a base 1.8m wide and about 1.2m high was found inside a crater in Baltichaur, far from the city of Pokhara in Nepal. 8km to the northeast. The strange object appeared with white light and 2 loud bangs.

An East German document in 1952 shows that special agents investigated the story of a giant flying saucer 15 meters in diameter. Another document reveals flying saucers recorded in Spain and North Africa. It included a photo of the object showing a diagonal stripe of diminishing width and a lighter shade than the top of the building jutting into the sky.

The CIA even released some photos that allegedly showed strange objects like UFOs and alien body parts. According to the CIA, the newly released documents could provide a scientific explanation for the UFO sightings.

FBI – 9 characteristics of UFOs and aliens

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI released classified documents related to aliens. The document details the FBI’s role in extraterrestrial investigations conducted between 1947-1954.

Pilot Milton Torres.

Notably, the declassified FBI documents pointed out 9 characteristics about aliens:

(1) Some flying saucers carry crew, others are remotely controlled. (2) They carry out peaceful missions. They just come to our planet in silence. (3) Aliens come to earth looking like humans, but much bigger than us. (4) They are not earthlings but come from their own world. (5) The flying saucer radiates energy. (6) They come from a very distant planet we do not know and cannot reach. (7) The alien’s body and spaceship solidifies itself when it comes to us. (8) They disappeared into the sky, leaving no trace, unseen. (9) They do not come from the celestial world, but correspond to Lakas or Talas.

One special declassified document that has attracted the attention of many FBI people is the document called “Hottel Memo”, published in 2013. This document was written on March 22, 1950 by Guy Hottel, at that time he is the head of the FBI Office in Washington, DC

Secret FBI document “Hottel Memo” on UFOs.
The declassified FBI document page has a paragraph describing 9 features about UFOs and aliens.

The document reads: “A US Air Force investigator reports that three flying saucers have been discovered in the state of New Mexico. They are described as round, with a raised middle and about 15.2m in diameter. In each flying saucer contains three human-shaped creatures but only about 1m tall, wearing a suit made of metal with a very sophisticated texture. These suits cover their bodies, like pilot blackout suits.”

Some have linked the document to an alleged conspiracy to cover up a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. But the FBI stated: “The Hottel secret document appeared nearly three years after the shocking incident in Roswell in July 1947. There is no reason to believe that the two incidents are related.”

After in itial reports of a UFO crashing into Roswell, the military said it was just a weather balloon. According to the FBI, they have not further investigated the UFOs reported by Mr. Hottel: “Mr. Hottel’s documents do not prove the existence of UFOs; it is simply a statement by second or third parties that we have never investigated.”


NSA – deleted documents

In 2015, the NSA released top secret documents about UFOs. This is the result of a 1980 civil lawsuit against the NSA brought by an organization called the Citizens’ Association Against Secret UFOs.

However, most of the declassified documents have been deleted, making it difficult for readers to collect information. Here are some highlights to help us better understand the content of UFOs that the US Government has officially recorded (texts are quoted from separate reports):

“The object is described as having a semicircle and looking like an arc in the sky. This object is also noted to be white and very large. It was visible for a period of about 10 minutes and it appeared to hover in the sky for only a few minutes before moving west.”

“Flying saucers are reported to have observed flyers [text deleted] observing flying objects moving in a direction from southeast to northeast. The object is likely to be a spaceship numbered 14, traveling in groups of 3. Each side of the saucer has a larger and faster flying object. [Paragraph deleted] The above [unreadable] has disappeared over the horizon.”

“He saw an object going up and down vertically, it couldn’t be an airplane. It looks like a big star. [Text removed] The object went up [unreadable] fast and very high, and it kept turning ‘white luminescent light’ with a slight ‘light blue’ tint.”

“… saw a UFO described as spherical or disc-like with intense colors, brighter than the sun, with a diameter half the size of the moon we see.”

British Secrets

In October 2008, the British Ministry of Defense released 19 classified documents related to unidentified flying objects, including information about close encounters between planes and UFOs.

Documents posted on the UK’s National Archives website include an incident that happened 51 years ago. Meanwhile, an American fighter pilot flying from a British Air Force base during the height of the Cold War was ordered to shoot at a giant UFO moving over the North Sea. But at the last minute, the strange object moved at a very fast speed and suddenly disappeared.

The pilot said that he and another colleague tried to control the plane on the night of May 20, 1957 to prevent an unusual “youkai” from appearing on radar screens at RAF Manston. about 100km from London.

“This is an unusual flying object,” said the pilot, according to a letter he sent to the British Ministry of Defense in 1988. “According to our initial assessment, the ‘yokai’ was sometimes motionless during the course of the flight. long time”. Flying at full speed on a cloudy night, the pilot said he was ordered to fire 24 rockets at the mysterious object.

Strange object flies past the International Space Station in a NASA video.

Appearing on the UK’s Sky News channel, retired American pilot Milton Torres confirmed that he was the same pilot in the documents of the British Ministry of Defense. Torres said he has been trying for the past 50 years to bring the truth about UFOs to light.

Speaking from his home in Miami, Florida, Torres said he had never seen a UFO with the naked eye but had seen it on the plane’s radar screen. The mysterious flying object disappeared before he had a chance to shoot it.

“Suddenly it appeared, but then it flew away and left us behind. It’s like an alien plane. It was very strange and flew very fast.” Milton Torres added that a government official later met him and asked him not to disclose the story.

In 2012, the British Ministry of Defense continued to declassify about 4,000 pages of UFO documents – including reports of people seeing strange flying objects, letters and questions from MPs.

These pages of documents, collected between 1981 and 1996, describe many of the most famous UFO incidents of the 80s and 90s. For example, one document shows, in July 1996, a colored flying object. Gold appeared above a graveyard in Cheshire, England and sent a beam of light to the ground. When police arrived at the cemetery to investigate, they found four railway sleepers smoking, one of which had a hole about 10cm in diameter.

In another incident, some male students in Chasetown, Staffordshire said that they met aliens with round heads in a field at 11:55 pm on May 4, 1995. One of them said: “We want you, come with us”. Soon after, the group of students ran to a police station to report the incident. When the police looked toward the field, they saw a bright red disc-shaped object.

Secret files of the British Ministry of Defense also record the incident of UFOs in Belgium. From November 1989 to April 1990, the Belgian Air Force sent fighter jets several times to track down UFOs. On November 29, 1989, two F-16 fighter jets flew to Liege and the pilots did not detect any foreign objects, but the aircraft’s radar screen recorded the presence of an object. An air traffic controller on the ground said he saw the object disappear when the two planes reached Liege, but reappeared when both planes returned to base.

Still a mystery

In 2016, the self-propelled cameras of the US Space Agency (NASA) have repeatedly recorded UFO images in space. For example, in July, real-time images transmitted from NASA’s SOHO spacecraft repeatedly showed UFOs appearing near the sun.

The SOHO spacecraft was launched into space in February 1995 under a joint project between NASA and the European Aeronautics Agency (ESA), with the purpose of studying the sun. Since then, many pictures provided by SOHO have shown unidentified flying objects around the sun. However, NASA has yet to respond to these findings.

There are many issues surrounding UFOs and aliens that we do not know, such as: Is there a race between aliens? Do they exist physically or in a different dimension than we do?

Just like Dr. and astronaut teasing the Apollo 14 spaceship Edgar Mitchell said: “The spaceship has been discovered, alien bodies have been detected. Humanity is not alone in the universe. Aliens have existed. long ago”.


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