Dolphins Shake Up Defense, Bet Big on Underdog Isaiah Mack in Bold Roster Revamp


In the ever-evolving world of the NFL, the Miami Dolphins are shaking things up with their roster, aiming to bolster their defensive line as they prepare for future challenges. While fans may be surprised by some of the recent moves, including the release of familiar faces Jerome Baker and Keion Crossen, the addition of Isaiah Mack, a “street” free agent, is sparking interest and speculation about the team’s strategy moving forward. The changes signal a clear intent to refresh the team’s lineup, but only the coming months will show how these moves will impact the Dolphins’ performance on the field.

The releases of linebacker Jerome Baker and cornerback Keion Crossen came as a bit of a shock to the Dolphins’ fanbase. Both players have contributed to the team’s defensive efforts in past seasons, with Baker, in particular, being a notable presence since his arrival. These moves suggest a strategic pivot by the team’s management, possibly aiming to free up cap space or to make room for incoming talent that aligns more closely with the team’s long-term strategies.

In comes Isaiah Mack, added to the roster as a “street” free agent. Having entered the league in 2019, Mack has had a journeyman’s career thus far, shuttling between practice squads and active rosters of several teams.

His most notable stint came in his rookie season with the Tennessee Titans, providing some glimpses of his potential on the defensive line. Despite not finding a permanent home yet, Mack’s NFL journey is a testament to his resilience and determination to keep competing at the highest level.

Mack’s signing is notable not just for his journey but also because Dolphins Defensive Coordinator Anthony Weaver is quite familiar with him from their time together in Baltimore. This pre-existing relationship could afford Mack a smoother transition into the Dolphins’ defensive schemes, and his knowledge of Weaver’s coaching style might just give him the edge in carving out a significant role for himself on the team.


Despite his talents, one of the talking points around Mack is his size. Standing at 6-1 and weighing in at 299 pounds, he’s considered undersized for a nose tackle.

Yet, in a league that increasingly values versatility and speed along the defensive front, Mack’s size might not be the hindrance it once would have been. His agility and ability to disrupt plays could very well turn his size into an asset rather than a liability.

Looking at the big picture, the Dolphins’ interior defensive line roster for 2024 appears lean, with Zach Sieler and Brandon Pili being the only other players under contract for that position. With several key defensive linemen set to become unrestricted free agents, the Dolphins are at a crossroads, needing to make strategic decisions about who to retain, release, or bring in. Mack’s arrival could signal the beginning of a larger overhaul or simply be a move to increase competition among the ranks.


Isaiah Mack will now compete for a spot on the 53-man roster, an opportunity to prove that he can be a consistent, contributing force in the NFL. His journey so far demonstrates his grit and persistence, qualities that will serve him well as he embarks on this new chapter with the Miami Dolphins. As the team navigates the off-season and looks towards the start of a new campaign, all eyes will be on Mack and his efforts to secure his place within the team and make a lasting impact on the field.


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