Extremely special tattoo of young treasure MU


Alejandro Garnacho you 1
The expected young talent of Argentine football and Manchester United made many fans feel excited when tattooing characters from the TV series “Jailbreak” on his right arm.

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In addition to the main character Michael Scofield, Garnacho also tattooed Lincoln Burrows (Scofield’s brother) and T-Bag, the villain that many viewers loved. Obviously, MU’s 2004 midfielder is a big fan of this cult TV series.

Alejandro Garnacho you 3
Before that, Garnacho also had many other tattoos on his arms, including a picture of a woman or a tiger with a rather aggressive look. However, the tattoos about the characters in the movie “Prison Break” probably made the fans pay more attention. The player himself is also quite excited to show off his new tattoo.

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Garnacho joined MU in October 2020, after leaving the youth academy of Atletico Madrid. The 17-year-old winger is the hero of the MU youth team in the 2021/22 season. Initially, the player born in 2004 chose Spain to play at youth levels. However, after that, Garnacho chose to serve for Argentina, his mother’s hometown team.

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In March, Garnacho was called up to the Argentina team but did not have the opportunity to play officially. In April, he made his Premier League debut when coach Ralf Rangnick launched him in the confrontation with Chelsea.

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Garnacho was once mocked by his senior Sergio Aguero for praising Cristiano Ronaldo. At the end of last season, Ronaldo gave Garnacho the ball to celebrate his hat-trick against Norwich. The young talent MU then posted a photo showing off the ball and praised Ronaldo as “the greatest player in history”. Aguero went to Garnacho’s post and commented: “It’s because you haven’t played with Lionel Messi.”

Alejandro Garnacho you 7
Several times in the 2021/22 season, Garnacho celebrated in a similar fashion to Ronaldo after scoring. The Argentine striker also does not hide his admiration for CR7 and wants to achieve success like the man in the first team of Manchester United.

Alejandro Garnacho you 8
Garnacho’s statement about Ronaldo made many Argentine fans unhappy. However, during the call up for the South American World Cup qualifiers in March, Garnacho was called up to the Argentina team and he was also quite excited about playing alongside Messi.

Alejandro Garnacho you 9
Garnacho called Messi an “idol” when he posted a photo with Leo during a training session on his personal page. However, many Argentine football fans still often mock Garnacho on social networks for calling Ronaldo “the greatest player in history”.

Alejandro Garnacho you 10
Coach Erik ten Hag highly appreciated Garnacho’s talent in training sessions. In the first two rounds of the Premier League 2021/22, Garnacho came on from the bench in MU’s 1-2 defeat against Brighton. He was then left unused in the 0-4 defeat to Brentford.

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