Fast & Furious 11 Plot: What Will Happen?


So with the Dwayne Johnson-led spinoff set to release between Fast 10 and Fast 11, it is tough to know for sure what the plot of Fast 11 will be.

However, there are no less than five non-Hobbs-related cliffhangers in Fast X that ensure that there are a variety of threads that will be tied to some degree in Fast XI.

Mentioned above is the Shaw Family line where Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw has packed a backpack and is ready to go save his mom. Luke Evans’ watch is officially on.

The remaining cliffhangers are a variety of off-screen fates that need to be revealed, last-second cameos that open brand-new (and old-school) doors, and some scenes that frankly just cut to black. But “Don’t Stop Believing” does not play.

First and foremost is Dom and his son Little Brian trapped on the bottom of an exploding dam they had just driven down outrunning an explosion like a skier outrunning an avalanche. Surely, fans will find out how Dom gets out of that one.

Just before those events, the heroic return of Tej, Ramsey, Roman, and Han coming to save the day was cut short by Alan Ritchardson’s Aimes turning heel to join his fellow Aquaman actor Jason Mamoa on the dark side. Put your mortgage on every single one of them surviving that plane crash.

Next, after Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty and Charlize Theron’s Cipher form an all-time odd couple for Fast & Furious, they come across the return of Gal Gadot’s Giselle appearing out of nowhere. She arrived aboard the submarine from the Fast movie that was released three movies after her character’s death.

No one knows how or why she is here, but everyone is excited to find out.

Last is the final family of Fast & Furious, the Nobodys. Brie Larson joined Scott Eastwood and Kurt Russel in this family of mysterious super-spies, and they are set up to show up like The Vale at any given moment.

Charlize Theron as Cipher in Fast X
Universal Pictures

Director Louis Leterrier has also indicated that looking to Fast X may hold the answer to where the next movie is headed. In an interview with Cinemablend, Leterrier teased that the dialogue in certain scenes lays the groundwork for Fast 11:

“Listen to what is said, listen to the dialogue. I think people enjoy the visuals, and the flare, and the fun, and everything. But there are some scenes that are designed where the conversations, the threats are real. When something sticks out, it’s for a reason. I’m not talking about one scene in particular, there’s like five scenes where we laid out the seeds to our great, next part of this adventure.”

Leterrier also directly pointed to the scene where Cipher finds Dom and Letty to tell them about Dante’s nefarious plot as a starting point:


“Let’s start with the beginning. The moment where Cipher enters Dom and Letty’s house. Whatever she says will inform everything”

Fast and Furious super-sleuths, get your analytical hats on.

That is everything we know so far about the sure-fire mega movie that will be Fast 11. Yes, there are more questions on the table than answers available in the given runtime of a movie. But that has never stopped this franchise before.

Fast & Furious fans have been conditioned for 22 years to live their lives a quarter-mile at a time, and watching this story unfold is no different. Few things can be certain in this universe, but one thing is never in doubt…family.

Fast XI is tentatively set to release in theaters on April 4, 2025.


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