Fast & Furious 11 release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know


Fast & Furious 11 is meant to be arriving in cinemas in April 2025, but it’s unclear whether things are on track with the Fast X sequel.

In January 2024, Jason Momoa – who’s expected to return as villain Dante Reyes, given the huge cliffhanger of Fast X – revealed that he has yet to see a script for the new movie and added it’s “probably a ways off”.

Development on the sequel would have been stalled by the Hollywood strikes in 2023, but with those resolved, we can expect that things are moving again on the new movie.

Officially titled Fast X Part 2, Vin Diesel confirmed in early June 2023 that the sequel would arrive in cinemas in April 2025. It won’t be the next Fast & Furious movie we see though as Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs is getting a solo movie before then.

After his surprise return in Fast X‘s credit scene, Johnson announced that his standalone movie would act as “a fresh, new chapter & set-up” for Fast X Part 2. Again though, development on that movie was affected by the strikes, so we’re still waiting for an update on that Hobbs movie.

While we wait for further information on that spin-off, let’s delve into what we can expect from Fast & Furious 11, aka Fast X Part 2.

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Fast and Furious 11 release date: When can we expect Fast X Part 2?

It has been confirmed that Fast & Furious 11 will be released in cinemas on April 4, 2025, assuming there are no delays due to the strikes in 2023.

Development is already underway on the 11th movie with Fast X director Louis Leterrier returning for the new movie, which will be written by Christina Hodson and Oren Uziel.

Fast X filmed from April to August 2022 ahead of its release in May 2023, so we’d assume that Fast 11 would have to start filming around April 2024 to be released in April 2025 if that is still the plan.

As for the Hobbs solo movie which, we imagine, has to come out before Fast X Part 2, we’ve heard nothing about it since its announcement in June 2023.

It’s not hard to imagine that the spin-off could take the April 2025 release date and that Fast X Part 2 will be moved to a later date. But watch this space for any further developments on the new movie.

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Fast and Furious 11 cast: Who’s coming back for Fast X Part 2?

The cast for Fast & Furious 11 has yet to be confirmed, but we can make some educated guesses based on the events of Fast X.

Vin Diesel will, of course, be back as Dominic Toretto even though the finale of Fast X saw him in a bit of a pickle at the bottom of a dam that’s about to be blown up by Dante Reyes, but there’s no way the series kills off Dom or his son Brian (Leo Abelo Perry).

The fates of Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Han (Sung Kang) are also up in the air after new Agency leader Aimes (Alan Ritchson) – who was working all along with Dante – fired a rocket at their plane, causing it to crash.

It’s possible that one of them will be killed off, but don’t be surprised if they’re all back in the next movie.

Ritchson is hoping he’ll be back, telling EW in May 2023: “There have been a lot of conversations. I’m amped to play the bad guy and put the gas to the floor. Let’s see him try and succeed at what he wants to do. You can decide if he’s bad or not, but, yeah, I’m ready.”

Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron will also be back as Letty and Cipher, respectively, after the final scene saw them picked up in Antarctica by Gisele (Gal Gadot) who, yes, is somehow back from the dead. (How? Who knows.)

Gadot will be back as she seemed pretty happy with her unexpected return: “Missed my Fast family! I’m overwhelmed with excitement.”

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Jason Statham will return as Deckard Shaw, assuming he manages to save his mother Queenie (Helen Mirren) from Dante’s henchmen, while he might have a reunion with Hobbs after Dwayne Johnson’s surprise return in the credit scene.

It’s possible that Statham will also pop up in the solo Hobbs movie, but maybe the fact it’s not being referred to as Hobbs & Shaw 2 suggests he’s only going to appear in the ‘main’ timeline.

The major casualty of Fast X was John Cena’s Jakob Toretto who sacrifices himself to help Dom save his son. Jakob’s car blew up with him in it, but we didn’t technically see a body, so in this series, you can never say never.


Talking of the Toretto family, Jordana Brewster’s Mia will be back and hopefully will have more to do this time around, while we might also see Daniela Melchior return as Isabel – who’s revealed to be Elena’s sister, which makes her the aunt of Dom’s son.

Alongside Jason Momoa’s Dante and Alan Ritchson’s Aimes, Brie Larson’s Tess should also be another Fast X newcomer to return in the next movie. She was shot, but seemed fine and perhaps it’ll draw her father, Mr Nobody (Kurt Russell) out of the shadows.

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That already seems like a big enough cast for the next movie, but other returns could include Scott Eastwood’s Little Nobody and Rita Moreno as Dom, Mia and Jakob’s grandmother.

And you can never rule out another major star joining the franchise. Diesel has already spoken about maybe getting Robert Downey Jr on board as the “antithesis of Dom”: somebody who promotes driverless cars (shocker).

If Fast & Furious 11 is the end of the Fast Saga, then Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner will likely have a presence in the movie, although it’s unclear exactly how – or if – they’ll bring back Brian.

Walker’s daughter Meadow makes a cameo in Fast X as a flight attendant who helps Jakob and Brian escape the Agency, so she could be back and revealed to have a bigger role in the Toretto family.

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Fast and Furious 11 plot: What can we expect from Fast X Part 2?

Fast X is practically all set up for Fast & Furious 11 (and potentially beyond), so let’s run through what’s left hanging at the end.

As mentioned above, the fates of Dom and his son Brian, along with Roman, Tej, Ramsey and Han, are all up in the air. We’re confident Dom and Brian will make it out of their predicament, but it’s possible one (or more) of the other four might have perished.


Letty and Cipher are stranded in Antarctica, but help has arrived in the form of the previously-dead Gisele who now seems to be going around in a submarine. (Not the one from Fast & Furious 8 as that was destroyed.)

Deckard Shaw is off to go and save his mum from henchmen sent after Queenie by Dante because she’s helped Dom in the past, while Hobbs is the latest target of Dante’s wrath which sets up his solo movie.

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Even though Fast & Furious 11 hasn’t been written yet, the events of Fast X were written with knowledge of where all this will end, so even though it doesn’t feel conclusive, it will all come together.

“We needed to understand where we’re ending in order to create the road to it,” Leterrier told the Los Angeles Times in May 2023.

“So on top of everything that we had to do, we had to decide, ‘This is where this franchise is going to end. It has to end this way.’ Yes, yes, yes. Everybody agreed. Shook hands. And then we went back to work.”

As to what that actual ending will be, we have no idea right now (although a BBQ will probably be involved somewhere), so your guess is as good as ours – but the speculation is part of the fun.

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Fast and Furious 11 trailer: Any Fast X Part 2 footage yet?

Even though we know it’s coming, Fast & Furious 11 hasn’t started filming, so there’s no footage to show you yet. Expect to have to wait until later in 2024 to see anything.

Fast X Part 2 will be released in cinemas on April 4, 2025.


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