Fast X: Vin Diesel’s hot action party

Fast X: Vin Diesel's hot action party

Fast X – part 10 of the most anticipated Fast & Furious today with spectacular action scenes and the appearance of famous stars such as Vin Diesel, John Cena, Michelle Rodriguez, The film marks the return of many familiar characters and promises to bring the audience a movie party worth watching in the summer movie season


Fast & Furious 10, also known as Fast X (Vietnamese title: Too Fast Too Dangerous 10), was officially released to the audience in Vietnam on the evening of May 17 and quickly collected. attracted the attention of a large audience and the media. Considered one of the first blockbusters of this summer’s film season in Hollywood, Fast X has become a topic of interest and discussion by the domestic movie-loving community.


Fast X: Vin Diesel's hot action party


As usual, the action scenes are still considered the factor that is most interested in the Fast & Furious fan community. However, the majority of the audience expressed satisfaction with this film. Fast X is really an action party with continuous chase and fight scenes between the film’s characters.

Part 2: Surprise Villain

In part 2 of the game, the villain appeared unexpectedly and made a strong impression on the players. The jerky action from the beginning to the end of the game makes players unable to take their eyes off the screen. The villain is built very rigorously and crazy, making players unable to predict the next actions of this character.

The special feature of this part is the sound. The sound is made very professionally and brings an interesting experience to the player. The sound of the letter ê lasts from the beginning to the end of the game, creating a sense of suspense and tension for the player. Surely, this part will satisfy fans of the Fast series.


As for Fast X, I can’t help but mention the feeling of “good ears” and “eyes” that the film brings. Unlike emotional movies that make you cry, Fast X makes the audience stick to their seats when watching. This is the main attraction of this movie.

While still trying to integrate the silence, director Anh Vin has done it, but personally I think it is not necessary. It’s best for the guy to continue focusing on the explosive scenes and eye-catching action, which he does very well.

In addition to the action scenes, Fast X also has the appearance of many famous stars as a highlight of the film. Part 10 of the series also gathers almost all of the brand’s talents. In particular, the villain Dante played by muscular actor Jason Momoa also left a strong impression on viewers. With these factors, Fast X has satisfied many audiences and some people compare it to Avengers: Endgame.



Fast X: Vin Diesel's hot action party

Fast X: Vin Diesel's hot action party
The actors involved in the film are also remarkable.

Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for 140 minutes. The cast is extremely impressive, along with the appearance of new but familiar characters. Only waiting for Endgame.

Fast & Furious is a famous franchise with details that “defy” all laws of physics. However, in this part, this factor is reduced a bit to make it more reasonable, but still has not really convinced the fastidious audience.

Fast X: Vin Diesel's hot action party

Fast X: Vin Diesel's hot action party

Audiences with strong imaginations will not be able to take their eyes off the screen when watching Fast & Furious.

Part 5: Driving a car in space

In the world of Fast and Furious, driving not only stops in the streets and illegal racing on the highways, but also takes us to challenging adventures in space. To be able to control the car in space, the characters in the film must use a lot of physics knowledge such as gravity, dynamics, quantum mechanics and case quantum mechanics.

But the special thing of the characters in Fast and Furious is the ability to perform dangerous actions in the air smoothly and accurately. This requires them to use great skills in driving and at the same time to have patience and courage to overcome difficult hurdles.

In this part, we see Dom control his car to grip the road at speed and overcome all terrains, showing that his ability to control the car is not inferior to that of a professional pilot. This scene makes viewers feel excited and excited, while also seeing the respect of the characters for their knowledge of physics and driving skills.

HC audience:

I think Fast X is a cinematic work that surpasses anything man has ever known: it transcends the concepts of math, physics, chemistry, history, geography, civics, space science and even the law of life and death. When we watch movies, we have to put all of this aside and focus on only one element: family. However, nothing reasonable should be demanded here. Enjoy, enjoy and look forward to a brilliant, refreshing, happy and peaceful ending.


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