Fed up by His Antics, Shakira Allegedly Violates Child Custody Agreement With Gerard Pique


Almost a year after the split with the soccer star, the singer moved to Miami with kids Sasha and Milan. This was an attempt by the Colombian to move out of the limelight to protect her children. However, she could not avoid her ex-partner. As per the agreements, Pique is allowed to meet with his sons for 10 days a month in Miami.

Gerard Pique arriving at Miami (credits- Twitter, Diez Minutos)
Gerard Pique arriving at Miami (credits- Twitter, Diez Minuto)

However, it has been reported that the singer is not allowing the former Barcelona star to spend time with his boys for 10 days. In the Mamarazzi podcast, Lorena Vazquez shared, Gerard Pique will finally not be able to spend those 10 days with his children, as stipulated in the agreement, because Shakira has made things difficult enough for him to do so.”

The reason behind it being the player was already with his kids till April 2 this month. That entails that the former Barcelona player had already spent 2 days of his allotted time with his children. The singer has made it a point that the player cannot stay with his kids for ten days at a stretch.

Gerard Pique gets trolled for his style after landing in Miami

Pique got trolled for his appearance after he landed in Miami. Many fans were surprised by the player’s choice of appearance. Pique has put on a bit of weight. Furthermore, many fans even joked that the player was a homeless person coming to Miami to meet with his kids.


Translation- “WHAT HAPPENED? #gerardpique” 

Pique was previously spotted vacationing with his current girlfriend Clara Chia Marti in Dubai. However, the player arrived alone to meet with his kids. It has been reported that the Colombian was the one to put a condition that Clara won’t be able to accompany Pique while he is meeting his kids.

It has been reported that even the kids have requested their father to not bring his current girlfriend on his visits to Miami. However, it is not confirmed that the singer has put any conditions as such. But with seeing how Pique traveled alone to Miami there must be some truth to it.

Gerard Pique with his kids (left) Gerard Pique and Shakira with their kids (right) (credits- Hola, Instagram)
Gerard Pique with his kids (left) Gerard Pique and Shakira with their kids (right) (credits- Hola, Instagram)

A few days before the singer moved to Miami, an agreement was set between the ex-lovers regarding their children. As per the agreement, the boys will spend their major breaks, namely, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter with their father. And for the rest of the year, he can visit them for 10 days a month in Miami.

However, this time the soccer player needs to wait a month to spend 10 whole days with his sons Sasha and Milan. As Shakira is not okay with Pique spending 10 days with his kids this month.


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