His plea for help was “ignored” by hollywood’s highest earning actor


Will Smith is said to be praying next to Tom Cruise to help him escape the scandal at the 94th Oscars.

Tom Cruise and Will Smith were once best friends, but it seems their relationship has deteriorated over the years. According to sources close to both actors, Will Smith has been trying to reconnect with Cruise in hopes of collaborating on a new project that will help revive his career. However, Tom Cruise avoided Will Smith as “avoiding evil”, even refusing to reply to his messages.

There seem to be two reasons why Tom Cruise avoids his old friends. First, the actor currently maintains a closed lifestyle in the UK and rarely maintains relationships in Hollywood. Second, Cruise was concerned that working with Will Smith would damage his reputation, after the “King Richard” actor slaps Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

Tom Cruise “ignores” Will Smith’s text message for help

Tom Cruise "ignored"  Will Smith's message for help - Photo 1.

Tom Cruise and Will Smith have a working relationship in Hollywood. (Photo: IT).

Sources close to the actor said that Tom Cruise sympathizes with what Will Smith went through but is not willing to risk his reputation to reconnect. The “Mission Impossible” actor believes that working with Smith has the potential to harm the career he has worked so hard to build over the years.

Tom Cruise "phớt lờ" tin nhắn cầu cứu của Will Smith?

As for Will Smith, being partnered with Tom Cruise will be the lifeline of his career. The 54-year-old actor is said to be ready to fly to London to meet Tom Cruise and discuss future projects. However, so far, Cruise has steadfastly refused and “ignored” Smith’s messages.

“Will has approached Tom many times, trying to reconnect and see if they could go for a walk and think about some projects together. A good movie with Tom Cruise will guarantee his return. Will or maybe he thinks so. Will even offered to fly to London if that was more convenient but Tom disagreed and didn’t even reply to his text messages,” the source said.


It is clear that there is a conflict between the two actors who were once “heavy” rivals in Hollywood. For now, it seems Tom Cruise is content to maintain his distance and avoid any potential risks that might come from working with Smith.

6 Things Will Smith Can Learn From Tom Cruise Following the Failure of  After Earth

The two male actors used to be “heavy” rivals in Hollywood. (Photo: IT).

As for Will Smith, he continues to work hard to revive his career. The actor just debuted his latest movie “Emancipation” and received critical acclaim in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise and Will Smith are both very successful actors in Hollywood but they are not close friends. Although they have met and interacted with each other at various events in Hollywood over the years, there is no sign of close friendship between the two.

However, both actors are involved with the Church of Scientology, a sect that is controversial for its influence on its members’ personal relationships. It’s unclear whether the two actors’ joint involvement in the organization has had any effect on their relationship, as both Will Smith and Tom Cruise have never commented publicly on it.

In the cutthroat world of Hollywood, friendships can be fleeting and alliances can change over time. Fans can only hope that Tom Cruise shows up and Will Smith gets a second chance to prove his worth.


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