“John Wick” and Saint Laurent’s journey into a strange fashion icon.


Keanu Reeves has officially become the new star for the Fall 2019 collection of the famous fashion house Yves Saint Laurent.


If you are a movie addict, no one can forget the movie “The Matrix” – “The Matrix” was born in 1999. This movie has created a great buzz thanks to the development of the technology. turmeric. But the inevitable factor that makes the success of “The Matrix” cannot fail to mention the main actor Keanu Reeves. This is also the turning point that helps Keanu become a favorite actor worldwide.


Keanu and the character Neo have entered the legend of one of the most famous sci-fi films of the era.

The actor has just returned to the screen audience through the movie “John Wick 3” being shown in theaters. The handsome actor with excellent introspective acting ability has left a mark in the public’s hearts by his lonely image in elegant suits. Above all, he has just become the new face of the famous fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent.


Keanu is associated with the image of a lonely boy in elegant suits.

Keanu Reeves was born in 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. He has 3 British, Hawaiian and Chinese bloodlines. The life of a leading Hollywood star is a series of traumatizing and painful events when the family is broken, the mother constantly remarries. He didn’t have too many friends, but his best friend – River Phoenix passed away at the age of 23 due to drugs. Later, when he found the love of his life – Jennifer Syme and was expecting his first child, he also had to say goodbye to Jennifer Syme forever due to a car accident that happened to her.



God was too unfair to Keanu when one by one his loved ones left him.

Although regularly appearing in major newspapers, receiving huge remuneration, Keanu’s life is quite simple. It is said that the image of Keanu is associated with the beard, long hair and boots that have been long gone by lone motorists. The clothes he wears when appearing in front of the camera seem to have remained unchanged in the past two decades.

The clothes he has worn for nearly 20 years have always remained the same, the image of Keanu is associated with a beard, long hair and leather boots.

His fashion style is influenced a lot by the fashion trends of the 90s. When people are engrossed in following the trend, he still slowly wanders in his own hobby. His wardrobe is full of neutral patterned shirts, leather jackets and jeans with the hipster style of motorists. But most of all, when appearing in public, Keanu chooses deep black suits.



Keanu has always loved leather jackets and dusty jeans with the hipster style of motorists.


Simple fashion style of one of Hollywood’s most expensive male actors.

When appearing in public, Keanu always chooses deep black suits.

Not following the trend, his style of dress responds to a simple human being. People do not condemn Keanu’s anachronism but praise him for his loyalty to his fashion creed. His fashion style has not changed much, but has created a level that not everyone can follow. The man with his long hair loosely tied, his masculine beard and elegant suits or strong leather jackets has successfully created a monument in the hearts of the public.

The public praises him for his loyalty to his fashion cult, creating a level that not everyone can pursue.

Keanu Reeves officially became the new star for the Fall 2019 collection of the famous fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. The simple style in fashion of both creates a perfect match with the strong black colors boldly liberal and very “cool”. The first official images were revealed through a series of black and white photos by photographer David Sims.

A cool, mysterious and cool Keanu through the lens of photographer David Sims.

Many people think that Keanu is a strange choice of Saint Laurent fashion house when his image has never been associated with luxury. But if you look at the photos that have just been released, one will have to admit that the famous French brand has made a right move. The maturity of trendy suits and polished leather jackets does not obscure Mr.Wick’s strong and liberal temperament. In addition, Keanu’s characteristic solitude comes from within, making the photos more depth and YSL’s outfits more desirable.

Indeed, fashion style helps to reveal human personality to the fullest over the years. That makes Keanu Reeves the perfect face for Yves Saint Laurent this season.

Fashion style helps to reveal a person’s personality to the fullest over the years and that has brought Keanu Reeves and YSl together.


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