“John Wick” Keanu Reeves is stuck among the beauties in Siberia’s Blue Diamond Wars


Every year, actor Keanu Reeves gives the audience a spectacular action work. This summer, he’ll be back in Siberia (Vietnamized: Siberia The Blue Diamond War) combining breathtaking chases and a stark, stark romance in Siberia.

In the film, Keanu Reeves transforms into Lucas Hill, a diamond merchant. He travels to Russia to make a transaction for blue diamonds of questionable origin. 

However, the negotiations failed, Lucas quickly became “prey” of criminal gangs and other functional forces. On the “first born” journey out of Russia, Lucas meets and falls in love with the beautiful innkeeper Katya (Ana Ularu) in a small Siberian town. He and his lover many times fell into the scene of thousands of pounds hanging hair before the close pursuit.    


John Wick Keanu Reeves is stuck among the beauties in Siberia The Blue Diamond War - Photo 1.

The film circuit has an interweaving of sensational, suffocating and romantic elements

Keanu Reeves continues to promote his forte through honest and violent action sequences. He will have breathtaking gunfights and “John Wick”-style council fights. 

At the same time, he also created a hot love story with the beauty Ana Ularu. She is ranked in the ranks of real actors, having won many Best Actress awards at prestigious film awards such as Berlin International Film Festival, Locarno, … With sharp beauty and impressive acting, Ulara is the ideal pink shadow with the male lead rushing on the dead roads.  


John Wick Keanu Reeves is stuck among the beauties in Siberia The Blue Diamond War - Photo 2.

The mysterious blue diamond – The cause of the war

The screenplay was written by Scott B. Smith, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter. He was originally a famous novelist and only wrote screenplays adapted from his novels. However, he was impressed by the idea that producer Stephen Hamel came up with, and immediately nodded and waved ink for the Siberian script The Blue Diamond War . The director’s chair of the film belongs to Matthew Ross, a young filmmaker who has resonated with his debut thriller Frank & Lola (2016).  

John Wick Keanu Reeves is stuck among the beauties in Siberia The Blue Diamond War - Photo 3.

Dramatic chase promises not to disappoint fans

With action and romance, Siberia not only immerses viewers in eye-catching chase scenes, but also takes the audience on an adventure on the sexy curves of beauties. While waiting for John Wick 3 to launch in 2019, Siberia is a name not to be missed this summer.

Siberia Blue Diamond War is scheduled to open nationwide from July 20, 2018.  


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