Many people have not accepted the apology at the Oscars


Until now, Will Smith’s wife, Joseph Monish Patel – producer of “Summer of Soul”, the work that lost the winning moment on the Oscar stage – has not yet received an apology.

“Will Smith, Chris Rock and the Academy of Sciences (AMPAS) think the situation has eased following the 10-year ban of the male lead King Richard from attending the Oscars. In fact, they were too reliant on written statements and did not aware that both sides lack many apologies.”


Clayton Davis – critic of Variet y – opens the article Many people deserve an apology after the 94th Academy Awards.


Will Smith tat Chris Rock o Oscar brother 1
Chris Rock and Will Smith used to be close colleagues. Now, it is difficult for them to communicate normally with each other like before. Photo: People .

Davis said that for Smith, the post “accepts and respects the decision of the Academy” is not the way to plead guilty that the public, the film industry, colleagues and co-stars expect.

Chris Rock shouldn’t have budgeted for a comedy special around what happened, and the comedian’s silence on the case is annoying.

The Academy’s recognition that the Rock did not make matters worse, not kicking Smith straight out of the auditorium is just the tip of the iceberg of the radical, necessary changes in the organization to ensure the ceremony. awards can be long-lived.


“Will isn’t the only villain. There’s not even a ‘good guy’ in this story, just a lot of people making bad decisions,” Davis asserted.

Will Smith took his own punishment, and Variety writer thinks the Academy, Chris Rock, has a responsibility to apologize to others as well.

Fault next to fault

According to Variety , the long list of people hurt and affected in the Will Smith scandal include Jada Pinkett Smith, producer Joseph Monish Patel, three Oscars host MC Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes , producers and broadcaster staff, all audiences attended live and watched at home.


“Don’t continue to stand behind well-mannered tweets and statements. It’s time to apologize directly to all parties hurt by Will, Chris and the Academy. No one can be happy after this year’s show. “, the American magazine wrote.


Back two weeks ago, the Oscar organizers said they asked Will Smith to come out after slapping a colleague. The actor reportedly turned down the offer. However, TMZ accused the Academy of lying. The source confirmed that the organizers had discussions in the backstage area, but they disagreed and could not agree on a decision.


Thus, the mistake of AMPAS was not definitive at that time, making Smith’s career, which was already in trouble, engulfed even more strongly after the moment of receiving the excellent male lead golden statue.


Will Smith tat Chris Rock o Oscar brother 2
Behind the scenes of the Oscars ceremony when Will Smith accepted the Best Actor award for King Richard . Photo: Newsbreak .

Clayton Davis commented: “Now, in the public eye, Will is an angry black man who severely assaulted a colleague. Uninformed viewers will believe that Will is against organizers and refused to leave the stage”.

The above story reminds Davis of Janet Hubert’s tearful words to Will Smith in 2020. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

 actress blamed her juniors: “I lost everything, lost my reputation and everything. I don’t understand when you call a black woman in Hollywood ‘difficult’ is like Death giving a kiss to her career?”

Janet Hubert asserts that the things Smith did, the words he said, engulfed the career of a black woman like her.



And now, the actor himself is struggling and being called “the black star of the past” after the violent behavior.

Chris Rock’s reprehensible silence

According to Variety , Chris Rock is to blame despite being the direct victim of the slap. International sources say the 57-year-old comedian had no idea his wife Will Smith was losing her hair, and if true, media analysts could still find flaws in the comedian’s behaviour.

Comedy is not an area where the artist is entitled to freedom of speech and no consequences. They cannot say anything just because they think they are entitled to do so.

“Words have consequences and can hurt if not tactful. You don’t know what the insider thinks about the joke. But obviously Chris should apologize directly to Jada Pinkett Smith, because she showed compassion. visibly upset,” critic Davis said.



Will Smith tat Chris Rock o Oscar brother 3
Chris Rock appeared on the streets of New York, USA on April 12. Photo: People .

Rock’s jokes don’t stop at Will Smith’s wife’s bald head. When announcing Summer of Soul winning the Best Documentary category, the comedian said: “The Oscar gold statue went to Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson and a group of 4 white people.” According to Davis, not only the black producer Questlove, everyone who contributed to the work deserves to be named.

This is not an outburst of Rock. Variety said the comedian rehearsed this script during the rehearsal before the awards ceremony.

So far, Chris Rock has not apologized to Jada Pinkett Smith, producer Joseph Monish Patel. Instead, he insisted: “I don’t repeat the slap until I get paid.”

The names that made Oscars history this year were almost overshadowed by the Will Smith scandal, including Ariana DeBose ( West Side Story ) – the first black woman to win an acting award, Troy Kotsur ( CODA ) – the first deaf actor to win, what it means for the streaming work CODA to win Best Picture.

Critic Clayton Davis assumes the Academy, Will Smith, and Chris Rock make appropriate, direct moves to show remorse and fulfill responsibility, all of which can breathe a sigh of relief. And only then, the actors and films worthy of praise will be truly honored.


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