Miami Dolphins Make Major Moves, Snag TE Jonnu Smith and Two More in a Day of Dazzling Signings


In a significant move that’s sure to stir up excitement among Miami Dolphins fans, the team has taken a step forward in bolstering their offensive lineup by signing former Atlanta Falcons tight end Jonnu Smith. The two-year agreement, valued at up to $10 million, is a strategic play by the Dolphins to strengthen their already potent arsenal, complementing the explosive talents of wide receivers Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. But the Dolphins didn’t stop there; they’ve also made notable adjustments to their defense and special teams, pointing towards a well-rounded approach as they gear up for the upcoming season.

Jonnu Smith’s arrival in Miami is a headline-worthy acquisition for several reasons. Having agreed to a contract that promises him $4.075 million per season, along with the potential for additional earnings through incentives, Smith is being positioned as a dynamic threat on the field. His tenure with the Falcons showcased his ability to make significant plays, and now, aligned with talents like Hill and Waddle, the Dolphins’ offense appears more formidable than ever.

This strategic signing effectively removes the necessity for the Dolphins to scout for a tight end in the upcoming draft. Freed from this obligation, the team can now allocate their draft picks towards addressing other areas in need of enhancement or depth. It’s a smart move that indicates the Dolphins’ front office is not just thinking about the immediate future but strategically planning for the seasons ahead.


On the defensive side of the ball, Miami has also been busy. The acquisition of defensive tackle Daviyon Nixon is primarily seen as a move to add depth to their training camp roster. Although Nixon’s potential to make the final active roster might be slim—drawing parallels with the situation of fellow defensive tackle Isaiah Mack—his inclusion signals the Dolphins’ intention to evaluate all possible options to fortify their defensive line.

Moreover, the re-signing of defensive back Elijah Campbell underscores the Dolphins’ commitment to solidifying their special teams unit. Campbell, who has carved a niche for himself as a special teams ace, returns to Miami on a one-year deal. His journeyman career, with stints in minor league and XFL football, adds a layer of experience and resilience to the team, characteristics that are invaluable over the grueling NFL season.


In conclusion, the Miami Dolphins’ recent roster moves, highlighted by the signing of Jonnu Smith, signal a clear intent to build a competitive and balanced team. With these strategic additions and re-signings, the Dolphins are not just addressing immediate needs but are also laying down the groundwork for sustained success in the seasons to come. Fans have plenty of reasons to be optimistic as the team shapes up to be a formidable contender in the NFL.


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