NBA Fan Says The Spurs Should Draft Bronny James: “He Is Kawhi Leonard In A 6’2 Body”


A Reddit user’s compelling case for the San Antonio Spurs drafting Bronny James sparks discussion among NBA fans.

The idea of the San Antonio Spurs drafting Bronny James with their draft pick in the NBA draft has sparked a discussion among fans, with one Reddit user making a compelling case for the move.

“The Spurs will likely end up with a top 4 pick in the lottery this year, and they should use that pick to draft Bronny James.”

“Right now, in his freshman year at USC, Bronny James is averaging 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.3 assists on 37.1/27.8/62.1 (46.7% TS) in 20 minutes per game.”

“Yes, these aren’t eye-popping stats, but one thing that doesn’t show up in the box score is his defense.”

“Bronny James is Kawhi Leonard in a 6’2 body. He’s already an NBA-level defender and has excellent IQ on that end. He’s a rarity for a guard, given that there aren’t many elite guard defenders in the NBA currently. He’s also an excellent playmaker and has great court vision.”

“He would fit perfectly on the Spurs and be an excellent player to pair Wembanyama with. Furthermore, drafting Bronny could attract LeBron James to the Spurs. Then, next season, the Spurs would be playing with a big 3 of Bronny, LeBron, and Wemby along with a championship coach in Popovich.”

Despite Bronny’s modest statistical output in his freshman year at USC, averaging 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per game, the fan argues that his defensive prowess and basketball IQ make him a valuable prospect.

Drawing a comparison to Kawhi Leonard, the fan highlights Bronny’s defensive abilities, describing him as a guard with the defensive instincts and skills of a seasoned NBA player. This defensive acumen, coupled with his playmaking abilities and court vision, makes him an attractive prospect for the Spurs, who have a history of developing talented young players.

The fan envisions Bronny as a perfect fit for the Spurs’ system, where his defensive prowess and playmaking skills could complement the team’s style of play. Additionally, pairing Bronny with French sensation Victor Wembanyama could create an exciting young core for the Spurs to build around.

Moreover, the fan speculates that drafting Bronny could potentially attract his father, NBA superstar LeBron James, to the Spurs. The prospect of playing alongside his son and joining forces with another promising young talent like Wembanyama, along with legendary coach Gregg Popovich, could be enticing for LeBr on.


While the idea of LeBron joining the Spurs may seem far-fetched, it underscores the fan’s belief in Bronny’s potential to become a franchise-changing player. By adding Bronny to their roster, the Spurs could accelerate their rebuilding process and position themselves as contenders in the near future.

Furthermore, with three first-round picks in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft, including the Raptors’ (Top 6 Protected), the Hornets (Top 14 Protected), and their own, the Spurs have ample opportunities to secure talent and potentially take a chance on a player like Bronny.

There is still no clear indicator if Bronny will declare this year or wait for another year after enduring a slow start. Former NBA star Stephon Marbury advocated for Bronny’s continued development in college before making the leap to the NBA. Meanwhile, Rich Paul’s insights shed light on Bronny’s draft decision-making process, emphasizing that his choice will prioritize team interest over the draft position.

LeBron has clearly stated that the decision rests with Bronny and said that money will not play a factor in his decision. Bronny has had a tough start to his career with USC, enduring a heart attack last year and then returning to the court. He has not set the college stage on fire as expected but he should not be disheartened as we have seen several players who played poorly in college and then blossomed into stars in the NBA.

Ultimately, whether or not the Spurs choose to draft Bronny James remains to be seen. However, the fan’s argument highlights the excitement and anticipation surrounding the young prospect and the potential impact he could have on the NBA landscape.

Spurs Could Be A Great Fit For Bronny James

The San Antonio Spurs could indeed be an ideal destination for Bronny James as he considers his NBA future. Under the tutelage of Coach Gregg Popovich, known for his ability to develop young talent, Bronny would have the opportunity to learn and grow in a system that values both defensive prowess and offensive versatility. Popovich’s track record with players like Kawhi Leonard highlights his ability to nurture offensive skills while also allowing players to flourish defensively.


Additionally, joining the Spurs would provide Bronny with the chance to play alongside Victor Wembanyama, a highly touted prospect in his own right. The combination of Bronny’s defensive tenacity and Wembanyama’s shot-blocking prowess could form a formidable defensive duo for the Spurs, reminiscent of the defensive dominance they enjoyed with Leonard and Tim Duncan in years past.

Moreover, the allure of playing for Popovich could also attract LeBron James to San Antonio. LeBron has long respected Popovich’s coaching acumen and would likely view the opportunity to play under him as a valuable experience to further his own legacy. The prospect of LeBron mentoring Bronny in the same organization where LeBron himself could learn from a coaching legend like Popovich adds another layer of intrigue to the potential scenario.

In summary, the Spurs offer a compelling environment for Bronny James to continue his basketball journey. With a focus on player development, a promising young teammate in Wembanyama, and the potential for LeBron’s guidance, San Antonio could provide the perfect setting for Bronny to thrive both on and off the court.


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